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  1. Table price of $1.8k in post #124. Thanks Klimoo for the responding to my price request.
  2. Sorry to hear about your glass chimney hood. Is it possible to share the brand / model and the cause for the breakage ?
  3. I was quoted $570 for the same Electrolux EDV 7051 dryer (7kg) by Parisilk (http://www.parisilk.com). For fridge, you can consider Panasonic as they are the pioneer for the bottom freezer models which you can get it for less than $1000 at Parisilk or Mega Discount Store (http://www.megadiscount.com.sg) Benefit of bottom freezer model is that it is more energy saving (cold air sinks and use less energy to have coldest section at the bottom). Also, if you use the freezer less frequently, you need not bend down so often as the food and beverages consumed most often are at eye level.
  4. http://barbettey.blogspot.sg/2012/05/demolition-fabrication-of-walls-in.html Reconstruction of wall with hollow block can be quite costly. Expect to pay close to a $1000 for a 6ft long wall. Please click on attached link to read the excellent write up by our fellow RT member, Edenstrauss
  5. Think Markng37 is talking about the SPIN fan and Takaishi is talking about the Aeratron fan (Elmark is the Singapore distributor) The SPIN fan has black, white and wood (more expensive model) colours like Haiku fan and the Aeratron fan has black white and silver. Price of SPIN ceiling fan (52") is $899 with installation (black and white) and price of Aeratron fan (49.5") is $749 with installation. Both fans use DC motor.
  6. Hi Klimoo, can you pls let me know the price of your dining table ? Many thanks
  7. Summergarden

    Ceiling Fan

    SPIN and Aeratron ceiling fan
  8. You are correct. Chi is not wind but the energy flow into the house. The purpose of the partition as I understand is to slow down the chi and direct it to the desired area of the house. If the chi from the main door is not redirected or soften, it will create bad feng shui energy known as Shaqi 煞氣 and the rapid flow of the negative chi may cause instablity in the home. Without the partition, the good feng shui energy coming through the main door will also easily escape through the directly aligned window without having a chance to circulate and nourish your home. If the partition has gaps that allows the good feng shui energy to flow through, it symbolizes that the owner may suffer some form of wealth leakage. One of the basic ways to check the energy flow in your home is to imagine Chi as wind and water. You will need to visualize the wind and water flowing in from the front door and then position your furniture and fixture in a way that allows for a smooth and harmonious flow to benefit from the good healthy energy in the house.
  9. For the partition to achieve its effectiveness, I was told that 1) it should be not allow wind (chi) to pass through (i.e. use of curtains as partitions or partition with patterned holes or gaps is not ideal) 2) it should be opaque and not allow light to pass through 3) it should be solid and not hollow http://www.ailan.idv.tw/bkmoney/in1-1.html It is best that you consult the fengshui experts on this matter and I am only sharing what I know.
  10. If the intent is prevent the "chi" from flowing from main door and out to the window in a straight line (穿堂煞), the divider should serve this purpose regardless of whether it is placed at Location Red, Blue or Green . However, I understand that for feng shui reason, it is not recommended to use glass partition or a shoe cabinet for this purpose. The alternative of not having a divider would be to close the window directly opposite the main door and cover with curtain.
  11. Hi Jerome, Can you please quote me the following; 1. Electrolux EGT9437CK Gas Hob 2. Electrolux EOB2400AOX Oven 3. Electrolux EFP9502X Telescopic Hood 4. Hitachi R-WB480P2MS Silver Refrigerator Thank you
  12. Hi Ivy1981, Pls PM me the list of good and bad FSM. Thanks!