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  1. june so creative.. can take a walk in my house.. and think of what to put? hahahaha~~
  2. I guess my reno journey is a very rocky one.. after Mr World Best aircon man, my chimney hood shattered, as picture, to many many small small pieces of glass!! was busy being tossed around by the service agent and the place that we bought the chimney hood from. A very bad experience, i wish i did not even bought the hood in the 1st place. I wish i spend the money on oven instead of the hood that gave me so much trouble!! After this was ... Courts. They decided to tell me that the dining set is OOS on the day of delivery when i already took leave for it. SO PROMPT service ah.. 11-3pm delivery yet i only received the call to inform me OOS at 1pm!! They tried to tell me that they been calling since a week ago, but sadly to say, my partner & I did not receive any missed call at all as we know coming week is like busy week for us, many deliveries etc. SO we personally went down to courts ( thinking of maybe see what other available set they have) , but somehow the 1st person we approached happened to be a manager trainee and we happened to find out that the last set was sold only 2 days ago, so how can the sales personel said that she called me 1 week ago? Somemore the manager trainee even checked for us which outlet still have it, even their display set etc and he happened to be the person who sold the last 2 sets in another outlet!! WELL, we can be nice but we hate liars. When you started your nonsense, we will give u more nonsense than you expected it! & to add up after the chimney hood, we become volcanoes, we flare with just a little bit of mistake. lastly, my reno came to an end since 2 wks ago. Just left toilet accessories which i bought from Taobao to be delivered... I love all the colours that we chose! the only thing that i probably will rave about is taobao! products from there is just as good as from Spore... I saved on my lights...
  3. thanks! finally finished the trouble after like 4th visit. Luckily they don't charge the trips. else i will be fuming mad. hi~ u can email him at custombox@hotmail.sg ur floorplan with ur requirements..
  4. my 1st tb purchase the rest not up yet.. like sink etc... city gas carpentry! my kitchen: my mbr: my living room: hopefully all by next week will be ready.... but... my aircon stuff is still not fixed! zzzzz...
  5. bought... mostly from megadiscount store. but just found out that goh ah bee is cheaper ( for fan.. but cash and carry.. which is not convenient for me, we don't drive) HAHAHA. google goh ah bee's no. and call them with the model you want..
  6. wa!! 13k!! looking forward to see ur end product!
  7. eh. homogenous. not too wet will do i guess?
  8. more pics up! update for today, painting for MBR and living room done~! just want to share this **** work! omg. the aircon man did not did a good job after informing the person to redo.. this is what happened next.. still.. standard is not there!! called the aircon man and irritated him! I'm gonna hold the last payment till he give me a satisfying work! i doubt anyone will want their new house yet look like this!! what kind of trunking work is that?! I shall not post the name of aircon man here, unless the final work is still KNS.
  9. VZ360P - bedroom tiles
  10. loving every detail of ur house!!! can check with u.. how big is ur carpet?
  11. no prob! i'm better. else still in depress mood, wont post anything... HAHAHA. tiles both from hafary. as for code no. i need to check then can let u know. HEE.