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  1. Scrape off all paint. Reseal first and paint over again. Frankly, i think nobody understand what you mean by film. Sound like a sticky layer.
  2. Stress...Stressful... Craving for what is far but not what is near Seeking what one can't see but not what one can see Even more important is good in action, thought and speech Resting what is far, and doing what is good, happiness follow.
  3. One can clean the house with white sage, Yet he can't clean his own evil thought, action and speech. Having rid one spirit, he invited another. Spirit , Spirit, you are everywhere. Road, house, building, office, tree,.... Everywhere there are death. Here and there, where is safe and clean? Sage taught good speech, action and thought Sage taught cause and effect Tell this to the spirit. They harm you not.
  4. What constitute of good luck? Is good luck pure? Born to be good luck? Is there a limit to good luck? Is there an end to good luck? Feng shui? Is the forbidden city in China built with feng shui? Dynasty over dynasty, empire built with dragon over mountain, but where were this dynasty today? So feng shui, inviting one to see it for themselves? These 3 taught in Buddhism inviting one to see it for themselves constitute of action, speech and thought. The cause and effect. This generated every moment to moment inviting us to see. This three good, producing not merely good luck but safety in our daily life.
  5. Curtain tend to absorb noises. My windows is near the main road and I installed curtain to absorb the noise.
  6. Suggest to use Oil Base. Basically, they are use to make your painting stick to your wall. Because once your wall become mouldy or peel, paint doesn't stick. Oil base tend to be better in keeping water from coming in. Esp if your wall is near the window. And out of nowhere, you see rainwater coming in from somewhere you can't find even though your window is close. That's a leaking problem. And Oil sealer than to do better for such job.
  7. in my humble opinion, decal give the cheap feeling. Like children sticking stickers. The design get outdated after a few years.
  8. My humble opinion. Innovative design doesn't appeal if you are going to lift this up and down say even twice a week.
  9. My humble opinion. There is no feature wall, so all you could do is trunking. A easy and crazy idea is to lay a pattern pipe,but it won't be nice. Less zen and japanese.
  10. W7_lee is right. This is just galvanised steel pipe. Easy to get. I even seen it at hardware stores. Just buy the length and join. I suspect Loft or so call industrial design are difficult to maintain in the long. Say 10-20 years.
  11. You mean like those found in Ikea or Spotlight? Things you need to consider 1. length of curtain 2. Weight of curtain 3. What type of curtain? 4. Day + Night? The length and thickness of the rod and the weight of the curtain are important factor to consider if the metal will sink down over period. I diy too. My curtain are 6kg each side, full length, living room. My rod are at least 1.7mm thick.
  12. You can remove the lamination if it is peeling off. But usually laminated wood are those plywood, or grain wood. After sanding, are you going to re-laminate? I believe you re-laminate, the side are more difficult to do. But with patience, you can....
  13. Is usually very straight forward. Just buy a similar bulb base. The base is usually the only link that is used to power light bulb.