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  1. Thanks Binzz for your advice. We just had a disagreement earlier on this issue too. I felt that since this has been pricking my mind and I have been uneasy about it, I was bugging him to remove all those items placed during the audit. My reasoning was very simple, I told my hubby that Lawrence chan claimed that a house past, present and future can be told but ours he couldn't even tell there was a divorce case, this may be a sign that his audit was not accurate. My hubby just want to wait and see. Wait and see what? My goodness, we have been seeing too many arguments already, you agree its the right thing to do isn't it? I have been hearing from friends that houses which are dirty or divorce case or death case have some kind of bad luck attachment and shouldn't consider at all. They also shared with me some similar examples. You don't think its true? My hubby prefer to be near his family, so ended up with this. This is really causing me stress and sleep.
  2. I thought I was the only one around and now I feel assured that I'm not being too sensitive. I was recommended by someone in the forum mummysg and engaged lawrence chan. Some of the arrangements you mentioned confirm that its the works of lawrence chan during the audit. I was told there are no crystal figuines to buy, no feng shui items to purchase. Ends up I got to put a metal bell at my main door. Mine was a resale flat, we had to wait for a week for the report despite we were being chased by the landlord from the existing lease. He didn't even know that the house was owned by a divorced couple and that was something which kept disturbing me even though my hubby had been assuring me. I just wanted to rid of this so that our new home is a peaceful one. Reading from many of those sad cases who had disputes with their hubbies really get on my nerves. You are spot on about the stones I also need to place in one pillar corner. Personally I feel absurd but since engaged him, might as well follow everything. When people come to my home, its this weird feeling of being sensed as too superstitious by my relatives and friends. What to do? It was supposedly to have activated my health and wealth area. After we moved in, the very first thing observed was constant bickering. For nothing, my hubby will pick on me. From house work to my personal, unlike previously when we were still staying at the rental. I spent quite a lot uncontrollably just to relieve myself from the unnecessary stress developed over our arguments. So I would say, this house really not good for health and wealth. Recently, one of my hubby's friend came and asked for a loan. My hubby lent him without even mentioning to me, this really caused another argument and is still ongoing because we have to postpone the Yamaha sound system I have been eyeing for a long time.
  3. What kind of room size to suit for projection TV?
  4. I didn't have a good experience at IMM there too. Stand there like a donkey, nobody attend to us for a long time.