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  1. I hope this topic is still live. Hi I need to replace rubber gaskets for some parts of existing casement and sliding HDB windows. Can anyone recommend any good BCA window contractors to do this job? Thanks much..
  2. Hi retiredInteriordesigner Can ask about aircon stuff? Aircon ppl turned up a day before the agreed date of first installation. This without informing us. Which we only realized when we go to check unit on that night. Any ways cut story short. Is it ok to leave the pipings outside the unit with the ends (can see copper and cables coming out ) exposed to rain and sun for more than a week or more? Compressor haven't install yet. Not sure if this is normal practice and whether the exposed parts will cause future problems to aircon. Eg condensation or rust Also we saw some black insulations are torn and tattered (those inside trucking which was done halfway), not sure Why. How to tell whether they are using old or torn or new insulations? Since they came when we were not around, we didn't manage to check before they tuck the pipings in trucking around the house Sorry for long qns. Hope you can share your views. Thank you.. Btw, Your replies quite funnie.
  3. Hi how can I share photo here? Would like to Check if there issues if my air con copper pipings are left protruding out of the unit and exposed to the rain and sun. The final installation of compressor and units can only be done after other renovations are almost complete? Any issue of copper rusting or air compression issues if compressors are installed to cover the piping ends after one month? I saw some reviews on poor installation and air compression issues in this forum. Advise will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Hi Can I ask for your professional advice. if it's possible to get a different team (who does the pipings)to do the 2nd trip installation of compressor and fan coils? Any impact on the quality of work? Thank you!
  5. Hi missysonialin and tutto Thank you both for your advice! Will consider this carefully Coz I'm scared of leaking too. Thanks very much!
  6. In a dilemma whether to overlay toilet floor tiles ... Previous owner has overlay done before. Contractor says it's possible to overlay again. Is it true? I heard cannot overlay twice.. Old resale flat. Don't know how much to hack and retile again Coz didn't think of it at all so didn't ask for quote. Btw, Can chemical wash clean up stains or white-ise floor tiles? Nobody including contractor could tell whether the white spots are discoloration of tiles or dirt. Appreciate any kind advise from kind RT forumers. Thanks very much!
  7. Hi Where are the best and likely places to find techno cooking hood and hob with good prices? Need for renov next month..Thanks much..
  8. Hi Can quote me mi****bishi Starmex 5 ticks model system 3 and Daikin latest model system 3? Thanks
  9. Hi sforshor Can pm the contact for LED down lights? Want to get about 10 and some ceiling lights if they have too. Thank you!
  10. Hi Tim I need to replace existing 4 air cons in 4-room resale flat with system 3 for 3 bedrooms. Can you quote me system 3 for following brands: 1. Mitsubishi starmex inverter 2. Daikin latest model inverter Cld you include details of model no. And Materials piping and no. Efficiency ticks , btu etc? Also costs of dismantling old and install new aircons? Can pm me or email coolstarry9@gmail.com... Thank you!
  11. Hi jimmy a, Can pm me your contractor contacts? Looks like reasonable quote. Is yours 3 or 4 room hub? Thank you
  12. Hi I have problems finding a ceiling fan with LED light. There is a box (of false ceiling) enclosing the area where I want to install the fan. Resulting in the box measuring about 364cm by 175cm where the fan will be. Height of false ceiling about 16cm. Anyone know whether I can install ceiling fan in the above ceiling space? Wonder what brand is good. Kdk fan model with light cannot fit coz too big for us. Lastly, Can I have a copy of the catalog for lighting and ceiling fan? Thanks!
  13. Hi Lilian, can pm me your contractor contacts too? Looking for good quality worksmanship with reasonable rates. Thanks!