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  1. CNY GIVEAWAY!! Win a Bona Spray Mop (worth $73.10) How to win? 1) Like our Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/BonaFloorcareSingapore 2) Watch the video( in HD!!) and state 3 benefits of the Bona Spray Mop in the comments section below 3) PM us your Name, Contact number and Email address Like! Share! Tag your family & friends! Contest ends on 28th Feb 2015
  2. Enjoy 15% off when you purchase Bona products at www.rakuten.com.sg/shop/bona with promo code "BONA15". Promotion is valid till 31st March 2015.
  3. Hi bepgof, I am not saying that you NEED to have a certified contractor to take a look but it is of course highly recommended. It is like if you are sick, you will go to a certified doctor right? Reason? Because doctor knows more than any other ordinary passerby about how our body works and reacts. This forum is for us to share suggestion and to help fellow forum users. I think it will be good to give effective advises rather than just providing what we "think" is correct. Swelled? Hammer it down, cannot? Sand away, cannot? Replace the whole deck lah - I also know what & how to give advise and 'hope this helps' Hammering the wood will cause a dent on the floor so a definitely no no. Sanding away and reapplying coating will be the best way to solve the issue but before this is done, homeowners need to engaged a contractor to take a look and do the sanding procedure. Replacing whole deck will be super expensive and not environmental friendly Therefore the advice will be to to get a contractor take a look to recommend the best practice. - Bona Fanatic
  4. Hi Char Siew Pau, Unfortunately for your case, wood putty is not going to help. The purpose of wood putty is to fill up holes. Your flooring has already swelled up therefore it is highly recommended for a certified contractor to take a look at your flooring to check whether there is water seepage or any other serious condition. Hope this helps. - Bona Fanatic
  5. When you need to revive your old wooden floors you basically have several options depending on the extent of the wear on the wooden floor. The most simple procedure is just to Clean & Polish - Clean the wooden floor thoroughly and then apply a layer of Bona Refresher or Bona Polish, this method is used when you have micro scratches and your wooden floor is looking a bit dull. The Bona Refresher or Polish will cover up these micros scratches and bring you wooden floor back to life. This is a simple procedure that you can do by yourself on a regular basis to ensure that your wooden keep looking beautiful. If your scratches are deeper but have not penetrated to the wood itself a recoating job may be sufficient, this is a process where you using a buffing machine and a screen to take off the top layer of the varnish but doesn’t remove and wood. After the screening is done you apply one layer of varnish and your wooden floor should look like new. However, if your floor is warped, water stains, deep scratches, dullness and whole areas worn bare by household traffic it’s time for a complete Re-sanding & Re-coating of your wooden floor. This is done by sanding down to bare wood removing all varnish, scratches, stains and any unevenness in the wood floor. After the sanding process new varnish is applied and you wooden floor will look like new again. In the past sanding down to bare wood meant a dust-producing and smelly process, however, today with the Bona Dust Containment and water-borne varnishes this process is quick, dust-free and odour-less. Please contact a certified professional to ensure that you get the correct advice and to ensure that your wooden floor get the treatment it deserves. - Bona Fanatic
  6. For maintenance, Bona has specially formulated a wooden floor solution that is not too strong for the wooden floor yet will be able to clean the wooden floor without leaving residue! It is also green-label certified which means that it is safe for your family members and pets (: The wood floor solutions come in 2 different packaging. The first one, which is the one I love a lot, is the spray mop! I love it because it is perfect for lazy people like me!! I do not need to use the traditional mop and water in the pail. All I have to do is spray, wipe and I am done! The solution is also pre-mix so I do not have to worry that I use too much chemical or too little chemical! The kit includes they spray mop , 0.85L wood floor solutions , and a microfiber pad. The microfiber pad can be washed using washing machine ( So convenient!) and can be washed for around 300 times. This spray mop is retailing at $71.70 but sometimes we will run special discount! so do PM me if you would like to know the latest promotions. We also have the spray mop for homeowners with tiles & laminate! ((: The second type of packaging is this! This is for homeowners who would like to have a solution which can be carried around easily or who wants to spray only at a small area. Okay. That's all for today! Will be adding more few weeks later. Any questions, feel free to PM me/email me at info.apac@bona.com or visit www.bona.com or like us at https://www.facebook.com/BonaGlobalSingapore. - Signing off - Bona Fanatic
  7. How To Clean and Maintain Your Floors? That is a very good question! Well, I guess it depends on what type of flooring you have. Before I transform into an expert and give you some tips and advises, let me introduce a little bit of myself (: I am from Bona and Bona is a Sweden company that provides the products that deal with anything related to wooden floors except the wood itself. Sounds complicated? Let me explain. The wooden floor in your house looks so pretty but how was it installed? Well, the installation process is a bit long ( okay la! actually not very long but I lazy to type and explain ;p ) so I have this little chart and hope you can understand. Understandable? If not , just PM me and I will explain to you in detail. Sooo, what Bona does is we provide the materials for your contractors to install the floors, which means we provide the adhesives, the sanding machines and the coatings so that your contractor can install the beautiful floors in your house. I guess not many people know what products their contractors are using when installing the floor. It is very very very important that your contractors use quality products ( like *ahem* Bona ) as using inferior product will damage your floor in a long run which damage your pocket as well ( because you spend so much money on a lousy floor that cannot last and you need to pay even more to renovate now ). What happen after you get the beautiful house? That is when you do your part! You will have to maintain it. Maintenance is split into 3 different stages. Please see below (some tips provided!) See next post on how Bona can help you maintain your wooden floors!
  8. Hi Leon & Jenna, Interesting read you have here! Thank you for persuading your CFO to buy the #Bona spray mop and hope it did not fail you till now (: If anyone of you have any questions or would like to know any latest promotions, please do PM me! Thank you!!
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