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  1. should be in Bishan, right? very innovative idea to revamp your EM, does it cost a bomb?
  2. when I was doing reno 5-6 years ago, nyatoh doors for bedrooms were quoted in the region of $220-240 want to change the doors of my in-laws old flat, now the cheapest I can find is $270, some even quoted as high as $420!! has the price of nyatoh wood gone up a lot in recent years? where can I find reasonably priced nyaton doors?
  3. my parquet floor got ugly scratches due to the maid dragging furniture across, causing white lines on the floor. It is semi-matt, last varnished 2 years ago Can any kind soul recommend DIY products that I can use to repair those scratches? Thanks
  4. My current flat is using baron for both toilets, Quite satisfied, water saving flushing New house may still go with Baron
  5. CTN

    Done By My Id

    ok I bite the bait who is your ID?
  6. how to tell whether 20 year-old parquet floor can still be re-varnished?
  7. Is it possible to just hack the tiles and re-tile an existing concrete suppport?
  8. just a curious thought... after paying the $1k + $4k for option & excercise, if HDB finds the buyer ineligible during the 1st appt, what happens?
  9. I am looking for the grey colour ones too Have you found yours?
  10. Can't recommend this carpenter, quality is so-so and this uncle don't have any design sense. Even if you ask him to do something unfeasible, he will just blindly follow and do
  11. passed by the LWT at Balestier today, it appears that the shop has closed, there is a for rental sign at the glass door
  12. Is it possible to respray existing wrought iron gate into a different colour? (pardon me for asking a noob question)
  13. Hi Tiler Seng, need a quote for HDB EM, hacking and replacing tiles for the entire lower level + 2 toilets on upper level please PM me contact and info, Thanks