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  1. Hi Kimsim, I have the same layout as this. Based on your drawing the master toilet can put a bathtub? I have measure at my place, if i open a new door for the common room as what is show in the drawing. I am left with very little space for the TV console at the living room, in fact only 1.1m
  2. i hvnt got my lock yet. Which model you bought? how much? buy from where?
  3. My Completion date 7th Oct is coming soon. Have also confirm my Fengshui Master Irene from Beauty World Looking forward to next week but still have not confirm my flat layout.
  4. I just bought this Yamaha Sound System from Courts Yesterday
  5. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Free-shipping-NEW-Color-Changing-LED-Light-8-Square-Rain-Shower-Set-Faucet-With-Handheld-Shower/910401_830186866.html Is this the one?
  6. Bro I can't find the link for the abv products. Can you post the link again. Thanks
  7. Anyone have Fengshui Master to recommend? my frd introduce Irene, anyone here use her service before?
  8. The ebay link dun exist anymore. it has been removed
  9. Hi, i am looking to buy the Samsung Digital lock too. When will you receive it? Do give us feedback? Is the any warranty?
  10. Hi, can I know how much you paid for the Yamaha set? what the model?
  11. How come this blog end here? Anyone know what happen?
  12. hi, i also intend to use 300 x 600 tiles for my hdb toilet, but my toilet is quite squarish. do you have a picture of your toilet to show.
  13. Was looking at this samsung digital lock. Singapore selling $1085. it only abt USD500 including frieght to buy from AE. Any Advice???
  14. Bought this chair for my study room from Ikea at $149 only
  15. Woods72

    Working Chair

    From the album: Edwin Low Picture

  16. I very Kiasu, went down and choose my tiles already Kitchen Floor and wall tiles Common toilet floor and wall tiles master toilet floor and wall tiles
  17. Anyone bought digital lock and basin from Aliexpress?