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  1. WordSmith

    Where to buy good quality drill bit?

    That is actually a good idea because i think the last thing anyone would want to have is hole patches so start with a small hole first and then work your way up if needed
  2. WordSmith

    How to mend cracked ice tray

    TS you have a picture of how the ice tray looks like? Because some hardware shops sell those generic ice trays
  3. WordSmith

    Maid Agency

    Do you guys do cambodian or indonesian maids too?
  4. WordSmith

    Prepping flat for rental

    I would agree with the previous poster this seems like alot of work and could take more than a couple of days
  5. WordSmith

    Spilled Wine Patch On Marble Floor

    I would agree with that statement about marble flooring, it looks simply beautiful
  6. WordSmith

    Storage Water Tank

    This way might as well buy a new one and get free installation, lol
  7. I remember seeing some at IMM you can try there
  8. WordSmith

    Mouldy White Wall

    The using of bleach simply does not work as they mold seems to return with a vengeance, you have to find a way to kill the mold spores else no matter how many times you clean it will always keep coming back
  9. WordSmith

    Mouldy/dirty Bathroom Ceiling

    If its me i will be calling the town council non stop until they fix the sewage pipe
  10. TS are your tiles new or already aged and polishing it for the first time?
  11. WordSmith

    Bathroom Drainage Choke

    Sounds quite plausible as well
  12. WordSmith

    Chemical Wash

    You talking about the ceramic skirting?
  13. WordSmith

    Glass Curtains

    Actually never heard of glass curtains before, you have any pictures of how it looks like?
  14. WordSmith

    Painting Stainless Steel Pipes

    I did mine with the metal paint, the finish seems much better than the enamel one
  15. WordSmith

    How To Nail Trunking On Concrete Wall

    usually those 1 cm short ones, tell the hardware shop is for wall trunking, they will know it