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  1. No... That is another FS master on this forum
  2. Haha... you are right; cause they also approach me and ask me to be one of their panel of masters as well.. They will do up an office cum FS shop for me & i just have to sit there and they will take care of the rest... I told them "No" thank you cause i have been working alone for the past 20 yrs and based fully on referrals only as i dun advertise; other than doing some seminars talks with agts agency or developers during some of their private previews..
  3. Shhh..... !! Dun tell them, cause it's illegal to eat that in S'pore Regards, MasterChong33
  4. OOi.. !! not suan ok? It's a sweet compliment.. Regards, MasterChong33
  5. No choice le.. 观众要求 !! hehe....... Regards, MasterChong33
  6. Members of the forum.. let's vote for Master Mace.. hehe !! Regards, MasterChong33
  7. Aiyah.. !! no need to worry about all these flags or banners they hang outside cause most of them paid a 'heavy price' to 'biao 镖' back home to hang outside their door.. This is how temples make $$$ and donations on their celebration's day.. They dosen't harm people in general.. just like paid 保护费 to protect their home as they do a good deed by donations to that particular temple to exchange for good luck.. Regards, MasterChong33
  8. Mace, How much you charge? Regards, MasterChong33
  9. Hehe ...want to share the secrets on this Mace? Many will benefits if you teach them the correct way.. Regards, MasterChong33
  10. Haha.... of course look for Master Mace la... One of the best in our forum.. some say in Batam as well.. hehe Regards, MasterChong33
  11. There is an old chines saying: "Gou wei Fu, Mao wei ping" .. That's is to say Dog represents wealth while cat represents poverty... Regards, MasterChong33
  12. Just like what Mace said earlier.. 1) Most important is to understand that 'sitting' always is behind your back and 'facing' is always infront of you. Imagine you are sitting in a chair now.. You will understand better.. 2) When sleeping - head point is taken into counting as your best direction, not the feet facing. Imagine you are lying down on a bed.. 3) Be in the right sector (your best sector according to your Gua) and face your right direction to achieve the best results! 4) East person best direction = E, SE, S, N. Gua No. 1, 3, 4, 9. 5) West person best direction = W, SW, NW, NE. Gua No. 2, 6, 7, 8. 6) Eight Mansion - 3 basic rules = Main door, kitchen location and stove facing, master bedroom door must be in auspicious best directions according to East or West person good directions. 7) As long as you are in any of your 4 best directions would do the tricks, no need to be too paranoid over it.. Regards, MasterChong33
  13. Yup.. Mace is right again.. Ooi.. Ever of thinking to be a Master or not? You very qualify leh..? If not.. very sayang.. Regards, MasterChong33
  14. Best is min. 2 feet apart, and put a kife chopper board or those that keep knifes in (knifes slot holder) that serve as seperating the fire and water apart.. cheapest and best way to treat this problem.. Don't put plant there cause the heat from your fire will burn off your plant.. No wonder keep dying.. Regards MasterChong33
  15. Wah....... Jialat liao.. All those who install hood will have accidents or mishaps with hospitals liao.. check with those houses or kopitiam where they always have hood to suck oil up.. Do they all went hospitals cause they have a hood? Maybe is something else causing the house FS in general.. not the hood. Regards, MasterChong33