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  1. Anyone has any bad experience to share? Esp when the ID and Contractor will have the key to your number lock or your pad lock to your house when renovating. This is pertaining to especially on the later stage whereby your appliances such as washing machine, fridge and TVs are already in the house. Did anything get damage and the works denying responsibilities ?
  2. it very much depends on the individual whom u r engaged with..
  3. look for those IDs that can source the best price for you too!
  4. the furniture aren't exactly super nice and cheap too.
  5. I guess everybody can really be a ID, not a lot of them really have the real certification of one anyway, but I would really appreciate those that really has design background. Rezt and Relax has the most "amazingly high" quotation out of all the quotations I gotten, and seriously not impressed by them. imo, Expertise wise - not much Design - I guess really depends on the designers you are engaging with, the seniors are gd but normally you will be assigned a junior, and senior is the mentor. proposals - ability to recommend per your lifestyle/expectations, did not see much, most are copied and standard.
  6. How is it different or risky to engage a ID who is not a HDB contractor? Realised some of the IDs are not inside the list... and it seems like all IDs can do everything and there are so many many IDs around. Hard to choose!
  7. Definitely a TV unless you have a dedicated TV or Movie Room.