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  1. Hi Larry! For the digital lock you're right and we did buy one on qoo10 and the other one from AN. We topped up about $100+ for them to install which is similar as to what the independent installer would have charged. All works were done at our home within the hour and the don't need to weld the gate as the lock I bought I made sure that it fit new BTO gates. If your home has an old/custom gate you might need to check if the lock would fit. Also check if the gap between the doors has sufficient leeway to install both. Let me know if you need more info!
  2. Hi @Zened88, Thanks for visiting the thread and hopefully there's something useful for you here. Unfortunately, the chairs I've got are no longer in stock but you can copy and paste this if it helps you. --> 北欧餐椅 (translates: scandinavian/northern europe dining chairs) I've also realised that I haven't truly reviewed my ID but I've had loads of inertia when i seat down trying to pen it down. I will try this weekend but I won't be showing the quotation rather breaking down what we spent on each room... Thanks for reading!
  3. Hihi, this would be Dama Trading (http://dama.com.sg/). For best results bring the meshes that you want to replace so that they can cut to size!
  4. Thanks! It's been a year since we've moved in and everything is still working out really well. No issues with the carpentry which it good I think. We're toying around with the idea of doing more works but it's for another day! The carpentry laminates that we chose are on page 7 of the thread and here's a link for you! http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/72412-nordic-crush/?page=7
  5. Hi there! I think you've got a lovely layout or your house and definitely more budget than me! The cost of the renovation is potentially due to the amount of carpentry for your place and by limiting the amount of carpentry the price comes down. I spent about $28k on my 5 room BTO... Love your turquoise backsplash but I'm not so daring! The brown laminates are pretty dated. I suppose what you can do with the grey kitchen to make it more scandi is to brown laminate your trimmings where they show? Though with the backsplash, there might be a clash of colours. If you want a warmer looking kitchen, your cool tone backsplash will unfortunately look out of place. Have a look at my kitchen to see if it helps! http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/72412-nordic-crush/?page=16
  6. Oh yay! love how it looks! Can't wait to see your final pics!
  7. Oh that's so depressing. I hope you can get it fixed! The colours on it are so pretty and vibrant!
  8. @gumbokins hihi! I haven't been here a long time and I just logged in to say that I love those feature wall tiles! (and that I can tell they're upside down too... so it's really not just you! Hope you get it fixed!)
  9. Hihi! All done! Enjoy your reno experience!
  10. Thanks for your well wishes and compliments!
  11. Hihi! Your inbox is full so I can't PM you. Let me know when you clear it and I'll send it to you again!
  12. My bookcase is from the HEMNES series in IKEA... It's not perfect fit in that corner there's still a space but then there is a switch on that wall so it's good that it doesn't cover that up making it useless too... The kompacplus is pretty sturdy... I've tried like really leaning my weight on it while eating so I think it's quite good...
  13. Yup from the inside you're able to manually override with a key... The keyhole is covered up so you cannot override from the outside. Outside you can use a battery to charge it up for one use if you run out of batt.