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  1. can try calling habib 9056xxxx
  2. i think having a base should be better
  3. u can call 9056XXXX and look for habib, i know he does that.
  4. Hi, i know of a electrician who does the job for my office also charging a very good rate. u can contact him 9056xxxx
  5. Gem


    insist them to redo. else they shd do something about it. Worst come to worst case!
  6. Hi i know of someone who does installation. can pm me for his contact, i got foc installation when i purchase the cables
  7. u can try my contractor too. he gives a very reasonable quote. and at the end of the day discount. 9456xxxx
  8. used to have this problem many years back and looked for tubmaster. u can google. think their office is at woodlands
  9. Gem


    Hi, i have been living in my hdb for 6 yrs. did not see any fengshui or pray at home. Thinking of getting a fengshui master but at an affordable rate. Any recommendations ? also would like to know if they do help to see chinese name as well ? thinking of changing chinese name
  10. hi, i dont think you can remove the toilet bowl completely and change it's position. however i got to know my office contractor is specialized in this area and i m using their service now. u can call them to check if this can be done. 90564572 habib