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  1. Hi Ankle - Did you check Royal Sense at Oxley Bizhub for the round black frame mirror?
  2. Hi RuFu58 - Congratulations! I kinda of your neighbour, I am from West Terra. I suspect they may have slowed issuing of keys so as not to overwhelm BSC with defects rectification. Your unit is 45 sqm? If so, I think a dry + wet toilet is totally achievable. Although you got the 2-door toilet, your shower is located on side of kitchen wall right? I think Suneeta Devi has a similar flat layout and her toilet is so posh!
  3. Item 1 is a gable-end wall. It is supposed to lower the temperature of walls which are exposed to direct sunlight. It won't look different from other walls.
  4. Hi Ankle - I would think carefully about extending the wardrobe to below the aircon trunk vent. The water from a leak or condensation in the trunking could drip down and ruin your wardrobe.
  5. Final piece of the puzzle! I think you got your money's worth for the wardrobe, even with the long wait. Are the supporting poles sturdy? The Korean pole systems I've seen in Singapore are made of plastic and don't seem very strong.
  6. The cover-up is very well done. A simple & effective solution. No need to build a feature wall, drill into walls or use a TV cord cover. Thanks for the tip.
  7. Hi Ryanyth - I'm glad you are posting again. Can you please share with us how you hid the TV wires? They are dangling in one picture and "disappeared" in the next picture.
  8. I have been following your blog closely and am really impressed with how you realised your vision. Your actual unit matches your initial plans very closely. Thanks for all the useful advice you've dispersed throughout the blog. Looking forward to see how your unit looks with furniture and soft furnishings.
  9. Hi mmoh - Thanks for the information, the specific number of points was not listed in the HDB sales brochure. The number and location of these power, telephone & television points would affect the layout of each room.
  10. Hi andye2SG - Thanks for the detailed photos, they give me a really good idea on what to expect in my new flat. I am surprised that there are adequate built-in power points in all the rooms. I assume you got your keys months in advance of the probable completion date.
  11. Hi Andotang - Good to know you bought the KDK fan. I will opt for the black version when I get my flat. I also saw the new prices advertised in the Saturday papers. I am pretty surprised how the prices have dropped.
  12. Hi RuFus58 The "My Nice Home Gallery" 36sqm bedroom is small but HDB managed to squeeze in a queen bed, wardrobe & study table. It's nautical themed. The U-Home flat was very nicely done, especially the bathroom. U-Home has a branch at IMM... you can always approach them when the time comes.
  13. HDB My Nice Home Gallery has re-opened! Overall I like these latest designs more than the previous ones. .