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  1. You may need to double check as mine using Nippon paint and the color is swee swee
  2. Liverpool > how much is the built in wardrobe they quoted you? (You Never Walk Alone)
  3. We don't have aircon. We are so use to standing fan.
  4. Here it is.. We are not fussy for the toilet though. MBR toilet Common toilet
  5. you might want to ask your id, which is more practical in cost savings. Though if it's nice but end month bill...
  6. ..just received phone call from Novena Furniture. Bedding delivery on Sunday!
  7. impressive bro, same layout as mine but doesn't look typical 4NG. Money talks man..
  8. Love the kitchen and especially the Island. Love to have that. But I agree on the backsplash, i myself couldn't take it if were to be me.
  9. Recap. I was lucky to came across the Kitchen promo from my Id during RenoTalk roadshow. Impress with the knowledge and experience of my id to overlook on this so call short notice and very tight dateline. Demolition date 24th November 2015, Handover date 24th December 2015. 4 Weeks no short no long. Period. They excecute on time. Overall - 80% Worksmanship - 70% Quality - 75% Customer Service - 80% (from the id, foreman, workers) till today some hiccups here and there, they still come to rectify with smile and friendly. Initial Budget - $30K Total Budget Damage - $40K ++ Even though i stretch my budget but all renovation is good and practical. Straight forward concept. Very very happy as renovation is cleared paid in cash. No loan no nothing, A good start for this Gregorian year, Nice home, Nice neighbour Good neighbourhood. The kids love the new house, wife loves the kitchen. ME, loves the family. I will still share / update on something new or interesting for reading purposes or to some resale homw owners who has the similiar layout to refurbish the look. All the best! Jia You!
  10. it's been a week and the kids are getting use to the new house, with all that happiness here and there, my little boy started to show his art talent in one of the wall... the other 2 siblings played soccer at home.. How to take nice photo like that... paiseh to show
  11. TOTALLY miss out on this > http://www.fortytwo.sg/living-room/tv-consoles/dallon-tv-console.html can say regret la....... if not the color scheme swee swee
  12. items that still can be use are tv console, shoe cabinet, fridge, washing machine. All these are in working condition since my 1st house at Punggol 21 (2002) Slowly will change if really need to, but as for now, all is good!
  13. Kitchen Cabinet Aerogas tempered glass hob Black tempered glass Backsplash
  14. Part Kitchen / Part Dining i told my id to balance in height of the cabinet to be align with the hood and dish rack so it will look more neat. Wife very happy with the worksmanship. Downsize the kitchen so easy maintainance.
  15. Veneer doors for the rooms and store will try to buy room doors numbers to make it more like hotel rooms
  16. Bedding delivery will be on the 10th Jan, will update on that
  17. The girl room with white wash normal wardrobe Boys room with the same white wash normal wardrobe
  18. Nothing fancy about my toilets just refurbished with nicer color tone, layout of the accessories are straight forward