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  1. I see most people install their storage heater on the ceiling. Can I install it under my vanity counter, in the cabinet? Is there a regulation against it? Can I get a quotation for a 25-30L digital storage heater? Can you also tell me a bit more about heat pump heaters?
  2. I would like to know too. Cost of hacking floor tiles, kitchen wall tiles and 2 toilets tiles.
  3. Hi how much to hack floor tiles and kitchen wall tiles and 2 toilets for the whole house? I was advise to do overlay by ID to save cost. But how much saving are we talking about?
  4. Hi. I was suggested to ovelay also by my ID. Reason;to save some money. How much does it normally cost to hack all the floor tiles, kitchen wall and 2 toilets? If cost different is not much, I might as well go with hacking.