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  1. If you're looking for service i think it's better to find smaller id firms instead of 'famous' ones, cause feel that smaller ids value customer base more compared to those big scale ones. Personal opinion though, i feel like visiting those big firms give me the feeling like not very interested unless big project or spend a lot kind.
  2. I'm currently using this mattress vaccum brand called Delphin. Apparently the motor is spoilt and replacing the mototr will cost me 1k plus, new one is another 3k plus. Anyway has used similar products before? Any other brands to recommend?
  3. they opening more and more branch. nice owner with pretty gf too!
  4. i usually see people using neo garden or select. foods not bad but not sure about pricing though.
  5. if anyone knows about this sink selling in singapore can let me know!
  6. saw nowadays got a new kind of sink, comes with built in chopping board on the left, then the sink in the middle then bin area on the right. very convenient but not sure if its selling in singapore.
  7. yeah maybe you can share out here so at least we all know and can pm you if we think its legit!
  8. always have a very scammy feeling about these job posts
  9. KDK renowned brand i used to have one too, just got a wall fan recently by the brand of Mistral, seems not bad too and is price friendly too!
  10. i DIY quite a lot of stuff but i don't think i want to risk ruining the renovation/tiling by saving on labour and DIY-ing
  11. i believe pandan leaves are your best bet, or the small sticky stuff that traps cockroaches u can buy from supermarts but i have a female friend and what she does is actually just stash a odourless pesticide in the car and just spray the bugger if its appears so i think that's the best already