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  1. Hi aron Can you quote me for system 2 aircon for old HDB unit ? Need to install bracket. Thanks
  2. Hi Can share the air con contractor that did your aircon? Thanks.
  3. While looking for an ID/ Contractor , saw their profile online and fix an appt to meet with their ID. Went to their novena shop to meet the assigned ID -Allan, who seems to be in his own world,totally no idea what his design concept was and different from what i want. Needless to say that was a wasted trip.
  4. Stretching the budget abit too much.My contractor told me is cheaper to cut the hood instead of boxed up. Maybe will be cheaper with partial boxed up.
  5. Your layout is exactly the same as mine. I have the same problem with the chimmy hood.. Now that i see your photo with the boxed up behind. It gave me some idea to tell my contractor.
  6. Hi , i am currently sourcing for renovation contractor / ID for my 3NG flat. Below is the quote that i received from my ex schoolmate's husband who runs a renovation company. Anyone can help to advise if the price is ok? No. 1 HACKING WORKS $ 1,800.00 1.1 To hack/dismantle existing following items: a.Living and bedrooms skirting b.Full ht gypsum board partition wall, glass blocks, doors and doorframes at bedrooms and store c.Full ht gypsum board partition wall at kitchen d.Bathrooms door and doorframe (02nos) e.Kitchen built-in cabinet f.Bathrooms sanitary wares and fittings g.Whole house water piping and electrical wiring 1.2 Haulages fee, uploading and downloading of materials. $ 600.00 2 MASONRY WORKS 2.1 To touch up wall and ceiling surfaces due to hacking. 2.2 To supply and overlay selected homogenous floor tiles at: (Based on $3.00psf tiles) a.Kitchen (130 sq ft) $ 1,000.00 b.Kitchen bathroom (Include door entrance kerb) $ 700.00 c.Master bathroom $ 700.00 2.3 To supply and lay selected floor tiles skirting at existing cabinet base at kitchen. $ 280.00 2.4 To supply and overlay selected wall tiles at: (Based on $3.00psf tiles) a.Kitchen bathroom (160 sq ft) $ 1,200.00 b.Master bathroom (160 sq ft) $ 1,200.00 2.5 To screed smooth kitchen wall using chemical cement. (Est: 300 sq ft) $ 900.00 2.6 FLOORING WORKS 2.6.1 To supply and lay selected vinyl flooring c/w matching skirting at: (Est: 530 sq ft) $ 3,200.00 a. Living & dining areas b. Master bedroom c. Bedroom 2 3 PLUMBING AND PIPING WORKS 3.1 To supply and run stainless steel piping and lay necessary UPVC drainage pipes for whole house. $ 800.00 3.2 Labour to install following items: (Items by owner) a.Toilet bowl x 02 $ 180.00 b.Wash basin & mixer tap x02 $ 180.00 c.Instant heater & two-way tap x02 $ 140.00 d.Bathrooms accessories $ 180.00 e.Kitchen sink & tap x01 $ 90.00 f.Washing machine tap x01 $ 20.00 3.3 To convert squatting bowl to sitting bowl at kitchen bathroom. $ 180.00 4 ELECTRICAL WORKS 4.1 Proposed electrical works for whole house re-wiring: $ 2,270.00 a. Living & dining areas Lighting point -Lighting point x 03 -13Amp double socket x03 -Tel point x03 -SCV point x01 -Door bell point x01 b. Kitchen -Lighting point x 01 -13Amp double socket x 03 c. Master bedroom -Lighting point x 02 -15Amp double socket x01 -13Amp double socket x03 -SCV point x 01 d. Bedroom 2 -Lighting point x 01 -13Amp double socket x02 -SCV point x01 e. Bathrooms/toilet -Lighting point x 02 -Heater point x 02 f. Installation of following: -Light fixture -DB board -Earth bonding -Door bell 5 Others 5.1 To box up piping ****, dining and kitchen using L-box. (10300L) $ 650.00 5.2 To construct full ht false partition c/w 02 entrance at bedrooms. (5300L) $ 900.00 5.3 To supply and install solid nyatoh doorframe at bedrooms. (02nos) $ 240.00 5.4 To supply and install solid nyatoh door at bedrooms. (02nos) $ 720.00 5.5 To supply and install PO door c/w acrylic panels at bathrooms. (02nos) $ 660.00 5.6 To supply and install new stainless steel rubbish chute. $ 280.00 5.7 To apply sealer for whole house. $ 550.00 5.8 To paint whole house including kitchen using original Nippon/ICI paint. (AII-in-1) $ 1,400.00 a. Gloss paint for PVC pipes at kitchen and bathrooms. $ 200.00 5.9 Clear debris and general cleaning for whole house including windows. $ 300.00 6 CARPENTRY WORKS Note: Using soft closing hinges, drawer runner, solid plywood c/w laminate finished, melamine internal and abs trimming. 6.1 Kitchen L-shape bottom cabinet include full ht cabinet box-up pipes. (4000L) $ 3,000.00 6.2 To supply and install selected quartz worktop. $ 1,880.00 Option: Using solid surface worktop, - $1250 6.3 Top and bottom cabinet at chute area. (1100L) $ 1,050.00 7 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES 7.1 To provide 3D visual and construction drawings for all necessary carpentry works. FOC 7.2 Project management and site supervision. FOC 7.3 HDB submission. FOC Sub total $ 27,450.00 Gst $ 1,921.50 Total $ 29,371.50 8 OPTIONAL ITEMS 8.1 To plaster whole house interior with ultra hard compound. $ 1,750.00 8.2 Labour to install nozzle spray & control valve at bathrooms. $ 120.00 8.3 To supply and install galvanised wrought iron gate. $ 580.00 8.4 To supply and install solid nyatoh main door c/w lockset. $ 650.00 8.5 Stainless steel or glass backing at kitchen. (2500L x 600H) $ 580.00