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  1. Where is it you want to sound proof? Your walls or your ceiling like TS?
  2. Don't waste your time with baking soda as it will just make things worse as its simply an old wife's tale and for bleach try not to use that as it can damage your tile's enamel permanently
  3. Your list seems about right but maybe you might need to do another cleaning especially with the installation of the air conditioner and painting later on
  4. One thing i know about granite is its a tough stone, its very difficult to scratch it and also very hard for stains to get etched into it
  5. Correct that is what i know as well that only vinyl need screeding from what i remember
  6. Sealing the stone is good because it helps to preserve the beauty of any stone for a long time
  7. KungFu

    Solid Timber Types

    I notice that about pine in sg too, its quite expensive here
  8. TS if you wan you can try to use acrylic paint to paint your door, i will give a more better feel in my opinion
  9. How come the shelter in your flat got mould? I thought the shelter in the flats are supposed to be water proof
  10. Some contractors deserve to get slapped honestly if you ask me
  11. Actually no wax can be rather difficult to remove from tiles as it sticks to the tile's enamel
  12. Actually to avoid excessive moisture in the toilet, is it possible to just cover the air vent in the toilet?
  13. I think scrape off the old paint is better, atleast thats what i did for mine
  14. Hillarious yet true at the same time, lol