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  1. Hi hi, following your blog closely. Ihave few questions for you. 1. Do you mind to share the laminate code? 2. Which lamitak office that you go to, can provide me address and do they give you the full sample that they have? 3. When you get Evorich to do the platform in your MBR, the price that you've gotten includes doing the elevated platform? Thank you.
  2. I'm doing Muji too and I've the same colour combinations problem that you're facing. Worry thatTaking all wood with different time will make it dark and combi with white will make it scandi
  3. Hi can pm me your contractor's details. How's the workmanship and care to share the price per sq ft for the cabinets, wardrobe and flooring? Tia
  4. That's good info. May I know which brand is this WY1244D ? Lamitak or Formica? I'm meeting E this Thursday but not sure if J will be around.
  5. I'll be doing close to Muji theme too. Do you mind to share the colour of the laminates for your kitchen cabinet. Thanks
  6. Hi hi Any reasons why you're not gettingJ&E to do flooring? Mind to share your flooring and platform bed quote. Thank you. Enjoy Japan. It's addictive!
  7. Hi Dietgalvon, Do you mind to share your contractor, J's contact? Thank you.
  8. Hi Reiken, Can pm me J & E contact? Do you mind to share how much is pfr of your kitchen cabinets, kitchen top and mbr wardrobe? Thanks