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  1. BRAND NEW comes with receipt: 1 x MALM bed frame 4 x MALM bed storage boxes 1 x LONSET slat bed base 1 x SKORVA midbeam, galvanised Does not include bedside chest drawers shown in photo. Retail price: $899 Selling at $750 Bought it brand new, delivered on the 27th January to our new home in the East (just renovated). We have yet to move in so it's never been used. Decided to sell it away because we came across another design that we prefer. Comes with 4 storage drawers on castor wheels. Delivery & Disassembly - contact me so we can discuss details with regards to delivery price, timing, etc
  2. Oh wow...i really love that idea of having the MBR bathroom door blend in with the wardrobe. I have a similar wall and was initially thinking of having the wardrobe beside the bathroom, now I might actually consider using up the entire length. Mind sharing with me your ID and how much it cost you for the entire renovation? Thanks!!
  3. Hey Evo bro, sorry this is a little late but I just came across photos of your beautiful home! LOVE the semi-hidden wardrobe door handles and vanity area. Mind sharing with me your ID/Contractor details and how much it costed you? Thanks!!