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  1. Tiles, bed frames and mattresses better to get them from Singapore because if there are any problems, you can at least go back to the store and get a replacement/refund. For the rest, I got mine from Taobao.com. There are some buying agents such as Ezbuy.sg that allow you to save a lot of money even if you cannot speak Chinese. Maybe this article will help http://lemonconcepts.com/blog/2016/07/26/this-house-had-a-renovation-that-costs-so-little-and-yet-magazines-think-they-spend-over-100000-on-it-heres-the-secret/
  2. Not really... You can get loans from alternative financiers or banks
  3. Depends on location. Where is this place you're talking about? Must look at plot ratio of the land
  4. Do you have a site floorplan? Easier to help you from there. But regarding washer/dryer -- suggest you get both because shoebox unit got very little space, you need all the all-in-one you can possibly get
  5. Agree. Storeroom is very useful as you can keep all your not-often-used stuff there... Then your house can look neater that way
  6. I used Lemon Concepts (their site is www.lemonconcepts.com). Very lucky with them, they are not famous but they do **** good work. Referred some of my friends there too and right now so far so good on the progress.
  7. No need, usually u can use tools like SRX to give you a free valuation. It's quite useful!
  8. You just want a contractor or also looking for ID? I know one that can do both for just contractor price haha