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  1. Add www.InsectOut.com.sg Actually Insect Screen is the best option (can be installed over grill) because the mesh is made of fibre glass and it's invisible (when you use "black"). See how invisible it is!
  2. We had the same problems also. Tried many ways including eggshells (verdict: still unsure) and eventually used the sticky-paper-trap from DIY stall (verdict: it works when we know where the lizard is. We also install magnetic insect screens / window mesh (verdict: works quite welll - we sometimes see lizard just outside the window unable to come in).
  3. Yes, definitely use the magnetic ones. The velcro ones are good if you never intend to wash them (coz once removed - they're very difficult to re-install and they dont look good). As for the magnetic ones - these work even over aluminium window/grill frames. How? there's one extra strip of magnet (one side is 3M tape - pasted on the aluminium frame to provide the magnet to stick with the actual insect screen). Hope this helps.
  4. Another low cost (cheap!) and effective way is to install insect sreen / window mesh on windows that you must feel open. in this way, your house can still be ventilated with air flowing in/out freeing and no need to apply mosquito repellent when at home.
  5. Hi slashmylove, just saw your thread, a very beautiful house you have indeed. Congratulations! I noticed that you were looking for recommendations for Insect Screen Window Mesh. Have you found them? Or more importantly - do you sometimes get bitten by mosquitoes at home? If you do, you can consider InsectOut. You can find us on Facebook "search "InsectOutSG") or visit our website at www.insectout.com.sg. If you have only small windows (eg. bathroom) - you can consider to DIY, both to save money and also to have a "story to tell".