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  1. my place is currently undergoing reno, and my ID had also suggested to leave the kitchen wall as it is - means no wall tiles. his reasoning is that having floor-to-ceiling wall tiles is "old-fashioned" and that leaving it alone gives it a more clean and modern look. of course, he suggested to have tempered glass on the wall at the cooking area. i thought about it, and agreed. also partly is i will not be a heavy cooker. for those who are very much into cooking, having wall tiles may be a more appropriate option
  2. knitez

    Roller Blind

    how are the blinds at IKEA? they're a lot cheaper and looks ok too. anyone can advise?
  3. I read about GPLAN in the forum, so I visited their website sometime back and put in a request via their online form to contact me. I never heard from them Not sure if they even got my email, or could it be that my budget is too tiny to interest them. Or maybe their business is just too good.
  4. hmm... C did suggest quite a few ideas when i was down there. maybe the fact that i already know what i want made things easier bah. still pondering over the few quotes i got. sigh... headache
  5. thanks babytan. i hvnt decided on them yet, still comparing the few quotes on hand. their quotation is actually the lowest with the most freebies. i'm also a bit wary of the "too-good-to-be-true" thingy, but i'll see how it goes. how about yrself? who did u award your business to?
  6. anyone spoken to Terrence b4? he served me when i went down the other time. he is ok, and eager in my business
  7. have spoken to *** design. must say their quotation is v competitive, with quite a bit of freebies thrown in. the girl also offered a nice discount. while i somewhat agree that the "C" guy is a little hard-sell, he does seems sincere and eager. yes, they also asked for a token deposit, quoting that it will "lock" the price in the event of any price hikes for raw materials. he suggested several ideas, and is v keen in my business am giving them a serious thought...
  8. hi momoboy, appreciate if you can PM me your contractor's details. am sourcing 1 for my unit. thanks!
  9. hi sino_74, near SAFRA... sounds like 200 series to me. is it 4-rm? just fyi, i let go of that unit that asked for $35 COV. found myself another 3-rm unit in a nearby block, top-floor, 5-min walk to MRT, near chong pang market. Valuation at $205K and COV is $30K. still a bit pricey but because i like it, so i went for it. hope i wont regret my choice
  10. in my opinion, $50K COV is really way too much. i dunno how "hot" is the bt merah area, but i wld never pay that for a 3-rm flat. what's more, its 25+ yrs, basic reno, road-facing, and no lift upgrading yet done. it sounds like a rip-off. do advise your family agst it. which floor is it on? i dont reckon its near to redhill mrt? i recently bought at COV $30K a 3-rm at yishun. 5-min walk from mrt station, top-most floor, basic reno, not road-facing, no lift upgrading. i still think $30K COV is pretty high, but i like the unit so bo bianz.
  11. gosh, i just bought a top floor unit. from what i heard, top units shouldnt be any hotter than other units due to the hdb roof insulation. also, the 2 times i viewed the unit, i didnt feel it was hotter than usual. felt windy though keeping my fingers crossed...
  12. Such a low COV for places like AMK? Wow. Yup agree that $35 COV is a bit DUH. But I'm a bit particular about the location and quite detemined that my new place be within walking distance to the MRT. My top choice is a corner unit but I'm willing to consider a corridor unit. Anyway the one that I liked is now no-go because the owner is asking to "under-value" the selling price so she can pocket more cash. That's not quite legal I think. I dont want any trouble, so it's a strict no-no for me.
  13. I'm set on Yishun coz my folks stay in Yishun and I wish to be near them that's y... The unit was renovated before and is actually in move-in condition. It is on lift level, and quite windy. The agent is actually a friend of mine, and so far he has been diligent and respectful of my views without trying to influence me into anything. But $35K is like you all said, on the high side for a 3-rm unit. Viewed another unit in the same block yesterday and owner asking $30K COV. Condition is bad but ok since I'll redo everything anyway. But thing is I like the $35K COV unit better haha! But me no hurry to get, so i prob will wait and see. Do you all think $30K COV is reasonable?
  14. i like it. have always liked paintings of the Buddha. gives me a feeling of peace and serenity. but RM780 a bit steep leh. slash the price by half see what he say, haha!
  15. hahaha!! i cant agree more! NTUC's kind of light is too glaring. Orangey light is romantic but unlikely to be bright enough. Furthermore, there'll be times when you need strong light eg., to look for stuff, etc. False ceiling is out for me since it'll make my already small space even smaller. Not too sure if i've seen warm white before
  16. Owner seems to be quite determined on $35K COV, though I can try to push. It's near Yishun MRT, easily walkable. According to my agent, someone offered $32K, but no decision yet. Dunno how true
  17. the flat is 22 yrs old, but condition is i would say, above average for a resale unit. i thought $35K is a tad high too...
  18. ceiling fan... i wont opt for it. somehow not comfy with 3 blades running over my head when i sleep.... reminds of "Final Destination"
  19. never knew staying near/opposite a sch is taboo, haha! a friend of mine stays in a blk directly opp a primary sch...
  20. Hi everyone, appreciate some advice here. I'm eyeing a 3-rm HDB corridor unit on level 8 and within walking distance to the mrt station. Valuation at about $185K and owner asking $35K above valuation. Sounds like quite a sum for a 3-rm unit. Wondering if it's an ok deal. Your views? Thanks.
  21. Hi everyone, appreciate some advice here. I'm eyeing a 3-rm HDB corridor unit on level 8 and within walking distance to the mrt station. Valuation at about $185K and owner asking $35K above valuation. Sounds like quite a sum for a 3-rm unit. Wondering if it's a ok deal. Your views? Thanks.
  22. what started off as a sharing of experience somehow turned into a heated exchange over how comments should be balanced/politically correct/unbiased etc etc etc. i think max383 was merely letting off some steam after a horrible experience at Rhoyxon. i wld have been really angry too. nonetheless, correct me if i'm wrong, i dont think he made any statements about asking everyone not to patronise the store. it is up to the reader's own discretion on whether or not he/she wants to patronise Rhoyxon after reading any posting from anyone or anywhere. afterall we all have our own opinions. we are all adults. if A think Rhoyxon's products are superb and is willing to put up the horrid service, fine. if B thinks Rhoyxon's products are nothing to rave about and elsewhere will have better, fine too. if C thinks Rhoyxon's products are good but service sucks and goes elsewhere, fine also. there's no right or wrong. its up to each of us to decide what we want. and judging from the posts here, all of us are guilty of being emotional. else we wld not have posted and posted.