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  1. some personal opinion: 1. hexagon-shaped cabinet nice but finishing wont be nice. must remember its manual work by carpenter. you will see many joints. 2. what u think of the 2 hexagons on extreme left n right to make it flush with the cabinet. maybe look nicer and not a odd shape protrude plus safety issues. 3. need to check with your ID the intended height for the hexagon. cuz sofa is there. if too low, whoever sits near may bump onto it. like wise whoever enters the house never see may bump onto the edge hope your reno begins well and is going on smoothly : )
  2. been busy with sites. couples of pictures coming up tonight. Thanks
  3. it depends if theres any concealment of wiring works as these are almost $100 per hack to conceal 1 point. $2k looks pretty reasonable but have to see whats inside the electrical quote. 2 bedder can be below $2k
  4. rem cannot get too thick mattress else you gonna get aches everywhere if u sit on bed to use study table.
  5. haha high chance got unit left or high chance say bye bye. havent really gotten time to take a look at the available blocks n units, i just have to b thankful if come sept 13 there's still unit left for me to chop..
  6. with regards to the study table at common bedroom, you intend to sit on the bed and do your work? whats the depth of your table, you may not b able to put those high-back chair. u have probably only about 40cm allowance. hmm 40k pretty high on one side, maybe can fine tune a little bit, small suggestion, check with your ID, ask him can remove the partition wall at side and install laminted frame to blend together with your cabinet and dismantle DB box door to laminate or mirror. also add in shelvings inside so can maximise usage and visual
  7. your electrical way too ex. double point $55 single 50$ hood point oven point $95 hack n conceal $120/hack. nego with your ID
  8. momento paint to create some fun & á slight hints of art feel
  9. Amore EC 4 bedder - owner wishes to hack off the wall between common bedroom & MBR to have a bigger less cluttered feel - partial parquet flooring replacement plus varnishing - carpentry overall 28k pics coming soon..
  10. Another small reno project. Punggol 4room BTO premium Reno under 20k - painting - glass works - false ceiling - electrical - painting - haulage & 2 washing trips Comes with soft closing hinges & Blum runner track for drawer & Blum Aventos