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  1. Hey Guys, This might sound petty, but I am planning to replace the Legrand water heater switch in my house to a Xiaomi Aqara wall switch so I can set timers for when the water should boil. Xiaomi has few types of Aqara switch and most of them are meant for lights. Luckily I found one ( link) which can handle 10A and requires neutral wire (In that link, look for QBKG11LM). My heater is Ariston 30Litres. The spec sheet says the power consumption is 1.5kw. So my question is: 1) Is 10A switch safe to use? If I do my calculations correctly (with 230V), the current should be around 6-7A? 2) Does the new HDB water heater switches come with Neutral wire? I can't call the electrician to pull a cable and all that hassle. 3) Does anyone have any experience with these switches? Thank you in advance for any feedback
  2. Hi Everyone, There seems to be one infamous thread started in 2014 regarding Amasco fans in renotalk which is mostly negative. I am wondering if any of you have any recent experience with the fan. I am personally considering the Amasco Wale 3 fan. It would be also great to hear from people who are happy with the product. Thanks!
  3. It's not the stone part that you need to worry about. I have done a lot of testing with Quartz and KompacPlus (stain, heat etc), so maybe I can chip in. Even though this thread is super old, maybe someone will find this helpful. Quartz SURFACES are not 100% Quartz stone. The best ones (like Caesarstone) is 93% Quartz stone. The rest 7% are resins and other chemicals to give it the design (quartz on itself looks like glass). Most of the quartz surfaces are able to take heat upto 150 degree Celsius. Beyond which, the resins start to get discolored. I tested this on white quartz which eventually turned brown/yellow. Kompacplus and EDL Compact can take heat up to 180 degree Celsius. But beyond this, they get burned in a completely different way. You start seeing burn marks as if it is real wood that someone set on fire. Some even form boils and bubbles.
  4. Hi, I know there are few threads here about ABS trimming, but I still don't seem to get the idea of it fully. One of the IDs we met told us ABS trimming is the small 1mm round thingie you see where two laminates meet. Another ID said ABS Trimming comes only in standard sizes like 23mm or 44mm. Which one is it? It can't be the small round thingie if it is 23mm right? Let us take the case of a door for the bottom kitchen cabinet. The top of the door has a 45 degree cut out that acts as a handle. I couldn't find a relevant picture with the 45 degrees cut for the handle, but something like that attached picture should help me with my questions: I know that the wood-looking surface on the outside of the door is laminate. How about the wood looking surface which is pasted on the small area which acts as the handle? I would assume it is also laminate since it has to match the same color as the outside laminate. Or is it part of the ABS trimming (i saw someone call it Edge band). What is that small 1mm gray looking material? Is that the ABS trimming? Sorry for such a noob question. It is because I, unfortunately, am a noob when it comes to all this. Any response would be great
  5. Hi Everyone, I am planning to explore the DIY route for my BTO renovation and would like your help to get some contacts of reliable contractors. Mainly, I need contractors for Tile laying, carpentry, minor masonry (hacking of a small wall at half height) and electrical. Please PM me or directly reply to this message (if the forum allows it). You can also email me at sreejithb@gmail.com. Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you everyone.
  6. This guy seems to be based at the Ubi office even though I remember him saying that in the future we can meet at other places. I did drop him after I got tired of chasing him for a simple email. But because of the feedback I provided, I was approached by his branch manager who agreed to take over from him. We are still considering dropping Absolook as a whole since its a bad taste already. Also, their facebook page has a huge number of negative reviews even though they claim they were victims of some targeted fake attacks.
  7. Hi everyone, I don't want to talk bad about Absolook as a whole since I never made past our first appointment with our ID that was assigned to us. You can PM me or email me at sreejithb@gmail.com for the name of the ID. I would highly advise you to stay away from him if you have any respect for your time. Here is my experience:We made an appointment to meet up with the ID at 11:00am at their office in Ubi. On our way to the office, I got a text from him saying he will be late and we should "have a drink at the coffee shop meanwhile". We thought he might just be 10-15 mins late, so we said it's fine. We started our wait with a coffee and ended up having lunch thanks to him not showing up for 55 minutes. And despite asking us to wait at the coffee shop, he did not even bother to come down and bring us over to the office. We went over to the office after he messaged that he was already there and had to look for him. What irritated us the most was that he did not offer a single apology for making us wait 55 minutes. Not over the phone, not over the texts and not even face to face. How can someone come 55 minutes late for a meeting and not offer an apology? I even asked him if his previous client made him late giving him an opportunity to apologize, but he simply said "nope. I am coming from home". Then came the discussion. Before meeting up with him, I had sent him the floor plan, full list of my kitchen appliance and some ideas that I have my own (kitchen wall hacking etc). But when the meeting started, it was clear that he did not bother to prepare anything at all. Great! I had already lost hope. After the meeting, he said he will send the quotation in 2 days (6th March). Yesterday (20th March), I got a message from him. The first one after our meeting on 4th March saying the quotation is ready and asking us to come down. Again, no apology for the delay after promising us the quotation on 6th March. It's like he is unaware of the concept of "professionalism". Since we have no interest in waiting another 55 minutes for him at the coffee shop, I politely asked him to email it to us so we can take a look first. He said he will email "soon". Then he went missing again. I reminded him 1.5 hours later and no reply. I reminded him again today morning and he said he will email me the first thing after he gets to his office. The fact that I am sitting here and typing in this review should give you a hint if I ever received that email.
  8. Hi, Is it possible to send me the contractors name so I can avoid him? My email is sreejithb@gmail.com. Thank you!
  9. Hello, I would highly appreciate it if you can send me the contractor's details. My email is sreejithb@gmail.com. Thanks!
  10. Hello, I know this thread was started sometime back. But I would highly appreciate it if you can send me the contractor's details. My email is sreejithb@gmail.com. Thanks!
  11. Hi, I know this thread was started sometime back. But I would highly appreciate it if you can send me the contractor's details. My email is sreejithb@gmail.com. Thanks!
  12. Hi Chris, I would highly appreciate it if you can send me the contractor's details. My email is sreejithb@gmail.com. Thanks!
  13. Hi Lee, I know this thread was started sometime back. But I would highly appreciate it if you can send me the contractor's details. My email is sreejithb@gmail.com. Thanks!