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  1. but solid surface is cheaper than iquartz tho
  2. If you are looking for reasons to buy Quartz Countertop, Here is a good article about it https://www.ampquartz.com/quartz-countertops-good-choice/
  3. Gosh... thanks for the millennium review, . Gosh! thanks for the review bro...
  4. Gold Pines good carpentry work, Love them . Reconmend to all. https://www.goldpines.com.sg
  5. There is a price checker online here https://www.stoneamperor.com.sg/instant-countertop-quote/ Quite accurate and covers most of the quote, but its not that user friendly
  6. anyone knw which is better? 1) Marble 2) Granite 3) Quartz 4) Solid Surface Got These Recommendations from https://www.stoneamperor.com.sg/5-vanity-tops-say-2018/ any other choice? Help please
  7. Hello, the price of all the materials can be found here online at an instant price checker . to answer your question on which one is better, it really depends on your personal need, the best way is to find a consultant and ask about it, i went for stone amperor and had no problem with it . But it you think its too early, . I would recommend you to look through this countertop guide
  8. if we are talking about solid surface, the top 3 adv that make people buy are . 1) you dont ever need to worry about cracks (super durable) 2) water and bacteria has no effect (water damage from sinks wont be a problem) 3) by far the easiest to handle ( just clean with soap) hope it helps, get more of solid surface guide here P.s materials that people usually buy for countertop are [Quartz, granite, marble, solid surface, Kompacplus, Dekton] and more! As a countertop specialist im building the countertop guide version 2.0, that covers everything we all need, but its not done as of now. will drop a link below when im done!
  9. Using Quartz and I love it! . I didn't have much issues with the heat-resistant bit . (Love the scratch resistant, especially with my kids playing around the kitchen all the time)
  10. Hi howeas...i understand that you are looking for countertop, quartz is definitely a good choice Quick summary of quartz ADVANTAGES OF QUARTZ Quartz is an abundant mineral and therefore cheaper than granite and marble. Quartz can have many colors depending on the chemical composition of the minerals, and All patterns are synthetically achieved, making it gradations consistent throughout a slab. You have the option of choosing subdued monotones or striking colors Quartz countertops are a simple mixture of 93% crushed quartz rocks and 7% resin binders and color additives. Appears to be a naturally occurring slab and looks rich. It is stronger than granite and more flexible, so it doesn’t chip as easily as granite does DISADVANTAGES OF QUARTZ Quartz is made in standard slabs and the seams get pretty obvious. A darker colour can help you hide seams, but lighter colours and bold patterns can make seams harder to hide. Quartz is simply less naturally attractive than granite. There are many quartz options that mimic granite but it’s rather poorly done. At a similar price point to granite, which is rather sad considering it’s not as pretty. Consider looking at other options like marble, granite, dekton, solid surfaces too, they might just suit your needs more! P.s got the pros and cons from https://www.stoneamperor.com.sg/the-definitive-countertop-guide-2018/
  11. renotalk's own guide is quite useful for those who are looking for a guide! . https://www.renotalk.com/article/quick-guide-to-popular-kitchen-countertops
  12. [Saved me a lot of time!] . Thanks so much Shaun! I thinking to choose between quartz and solid surfaces, helped me in pointing out the pros and cons of each as well as the brands I can choose. . Recommend to everyone who is looking to change their countertop!
  13. hi guys, just wondering if we can continue this topic, I'm renovating my home and I wanna change my tiles, marble seems like a great option but its quite costly. heard its one of the most cost-effective long-term, but can't decide... help, please! P.s heard the cost-effective here