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  1. I also really liked your choice of gifts for your mother. Thank you for sharing, I want to choose something for myself from this. Especially since I really like Korean cosmetics. I especially like patches and Korean fabric masks, without which I can't imagine my life. Well, I can also recommend that you give your mother a nice evening on her birthday. And if it has already passed, then any other day will also do. I know a wonderful place for a holiday, you can see it here westgateresorts.com. We spent an unforgettable time there, which we still remember with warmth.
  2. sounds interesting!
  3. Personally I really want to improve it, since I have some problems with my health. Do you use something that raises testosterone? Basically I prefer to use organic products that can improve my stamina and performance. So it's important to keep the balance up. That's why I am using some nitrosigine arginine pre-workout benefits since it really helps me with it. Do you guys use something like this for similar points of view? Personally I buy these products alphawolfnutrition.com from here since it has a good quality and not expensive price...
  4. It is very cool that there are companies that try to help you with the move as much as possible. My wife and I also moved to London a year ago and as it turned out we had quite a lot of property. We didn't know how to handle it, but my friend recommended that I contact removal services London for help. These guys provided us with a full package of services, including any packaging materials and good clean vans. Thanks to their flexible booking schedule, we were able to choose the perfect day to move. We were very satisfied with their services. We barely felt the move
  5. Yes, I agree, I always call services if I can't install something. This is very convenient, but sometimes it costs me a lot. It is better, of course, to be able to do something yourself, but if it does not work, then I should earn more. So, recently the plumber installed a new sink and faucet in the brass style (you can see it here https://www.insideast.com). Because the old ones had to be replaced immediately. And I'm glad that I was able to allocate money for this, because now being in the bathroom is a great pleasure for the whole family. This is the most beautiful room in the house.
  6. Hi Javie! Finteza Analytics is all you'll ever need for analyzing a site. It provides you with a bunch of information. I'm not involved in the SEO field and I don't know what you mean with "everything needed for a SEO specialist", but I guess Finteza will be the answer to a lot of your questions. If you need help with improving the search of a site, Finteza supports you with that also. In my opinion and for me, it is the best web analyzer ever created by humans. Yes, you can search for others but in the end you'll come back to Finteza. So why not giving it a try from the start?
  7. The first point is the size of the insurance rate. The amount of the tariff may vary depending on the terms of the contract. First of all, it is affected by the type of construction, year of construction, wear resistance of materials used in the construction of the house. The stronger the house, the lower the insurance rate will be. If you use the service of specialized security and there are bars on the Windows, the rate for penetration into the housing of third parties will be minimal. If the insurance is extended, the rate may also be reduced several times for those who did not have an insured event. As a rule, the rate is from 0.3% to 2% of the annual insurance amount. The main condition for successful cooperation with the insurance company is an accurate assessment of the property and confirmation of its ownership to the insured.To avoid misunderstandings in the future, it is necessary to take into account in detail all the clauses of the contract and agree on their interpretation with all parties to the transaction. Also, it is important to know the full list of risks and choose those that provide the maximum danger to a country cottage or your country house.
  8. Well, most of countries remain homophobic. I don't think gay traveling is safe today.
  9. buddy, do you know where people could make real money? Of course it's sport betting. No, I don't even mean that it's worth making senseless bets and to try betting a lot for the first time, I mean simply to earn money as a successful bettor with 3-4 years experience in betting. To be honest, I would like to advise people to use betting promo codes and bonuses that are given by the different sites, as, for example, I took my first betting bonus from this site https://1xglobalbet.com/es/codigo-promocional-1xbet.html as there I really got a bonus for my first bet. All in all don't be afraid to use all the advantages of the internet!
  10. Yep, this guy is right. Fake ID and other fake documents are everywhere. And buying fake ID is as easy as a cake. For example, 2 years ago one of my fellows bought one. He tried to convince me to buy one too. Said something about government and stuff. Even gave me a link with review on one of fake ID shops. For a moment I thought "Man, this stuff is awesome! Maybe I really need one?". But then I refused. Because I don't think the government really trying to hypnotize me or smthn. Hey! Maybe you need that review? There is a lot of information about fake ID and other stuff. The review I was talking about: http://fidvendors.is/
  11. Mate, If you want to buy some good golf Club's you should pay some good money )
  12. Hey! It looks like you understand something in fashion! I'm thinking about buying new clothes (didn't do that for like a half of the year) and don't know, where to go to. One of my friends recommended Lily Lulu Fashion UK. Their product line looks interesting, but I want opinion from an expert. It's important, because I want to buy a present for my sister in Lily Lulu too. What can you tell me? I really like, what I see, but it can just mean that I'm tacky Or - am I? It will be perfect, if you answer me here or in PM.
  13. Hello everyone. Need any information about how much is enough for a month to live without worries in Germany. Is it enough $3000? By the way, where can I find some information about cost of living in Germany that really matches the reality?
  14. Hey, guys, just curious if I need a special soft to download music from mp3 to my smartphone or there is another way to do it?
  15. hello everyone. I'm from Europe and I would like to ask you how many Japanese women are here? To be honest, I've always been thinking about marrying a japanese woman... Is it worth or not?
  16. I’ve been on a few dating apps, and **** near every person out there is a goddamn Christian. I can’t stand them. They want me to change for them, not happening. I need to lick a Witch, find a Sorceress. I can **** a 1,000 Christian bitches, but to no avail, no amount of reasoning. I’m finished with these hypocrites, i need pagan pussy. I’m curious if y’all know of any apps which cater to the magickally inclined.
  17. Very intersting share. How long does instalation lasts in you company and what is the price? las time I have installed air conditioners for my offices by the help of https://www.socool.sg/ . The instalation was fast and qualitive. I expand now my company so we rented some nwe offices so I will have to instal some more aircons.