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  1. Love the finish on your kitchen doors. I am planning to do my kitchen too and will be grateful if you will share your contact with me. Thank you so much
  2. I would like to build a small room with bathroom attached in the back yard of my house. Do I need a permit for it? Do I need an architect for that or can I just go directly with a contractor ?
  3. HI Coffeeeboy Will you share your ID with me too please.? Does he also do hacking and mason work? Thanks in advance Eve
  4. I am planning to renovate my kitchen. However I cannot decide if I should go with a kitchen designer or just deal with a direct contractor. I have a rough idea of what I would like but need advise and some input on the flow and materials etc. It would also be helpful to know how much designers and direct builders charge these days. Any input here will be most helpful. Cheers