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  1. Hey Babe! I'm reading your t-blog in 2021 lol! Just wondering how are your Taobao faucets holding up? Especially those pretty gold and black ones....are they rusting, color wearing off or? I've been very concerned about rust in my taps and might even resort to those typical chrome ones if the taobao ones cannot hold the test of time when in contact with water. I heard many stories like even if the base metal claim from TB sellers are 304 stainless steel, it still wears down quickly because of our humidity in Singapore. Please advise! Thanks a bunch! J
  2. DOORS + WINDOWS Hey babe I love these french doors, french looking hdb windows and louvre doors of yours! Where did you get them from? Do you have contact to share for that as I've been looking but can't seem to find - I'm directly hiring my contractors, not using ID. FLOOR Also regarding your vinyl from vinflor, how is it holding up? Are they still pristine? Thanks a lot I hope you can respond, as we are moving in our resale in March and still a lot of things not decided. (PS: I tried to message you but it does not give me that option 😢)