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  1. Looking to purchase a king size bed dimensions plus linen duvet etc in Villamartin area. Where’s the best place to go??
  2. I was going to head to IKEA to get some pillows, but reviews don't seem great. There are so many pillows out there! Does anyone have a recommendation for a good sleeping pillow Cow Squishmallows(side/front sleeper) - I don't mind paying more for good quality. Any recommendations?
  3. Can anyone offer advice on covering a concrete patio floor? I removed 3 layers of paint and mastic by grinding and pressure washing. Now it's ready for a new coating. I was thinking of acid staining or decorative metallic epoxy coatings. metallic epoxy flooring Brisbane
  4. What's the latest technology on this polished concrete gold coast? My BIL did a countertop nearly a decade ago and said it was a ton of work. Have there been any new tools to make the job 'easier'? I see there's some using it for polished floors too.
  5. I would like to know if there are any interior designers who say no to mixing styles...such as modern and traditional. My example is a chandelier (modern) and a ceiling medallion (traditional), see attached picture. Is this always wrong best interior designer sites? Or are there exceptions. Lastly what is your personal opinion of the pictured example. Thank you!
  6. We are looking for move out cleaning service for our home which is approx 1600 sqft.. I called "Aida Sara Cleaning Service " since they got good ratings in Home Star" Lady gave a quote of 800 dollars.. Really... i couldn't speak anything after i heard the number move out cleaning 30a... She asked me "Do you think it is high" ... I said "Yes".. Immediately she said, then you got a wrong person.. i cannot work for cheap and this is a very reputable and big company.. She did not even listen what i am going to say.. She just hung the phone.... Seriously, i am not looking for cheap.. but 800 dollars is way too much for me.. I want to know if i am not reasonable or is it a normal price for Movein/move out services.. Also , any one has any recommendations that would be great.. I called couple of people from kijiji but nobody called me back so far.. Is it too hard to get this cleaners at reasonable price???
  7. i am getting ready to build my shop. i am going to epoxy the floor with a clear coat but cant decide on a color epoxy floor coatings tampa.. any suggestions? the epoxy is a pratt and lambert industrial two stage epoxy, has anyone had any luck with this brand? any pointers on what and what not to do would be great. thanks in advance.
  8. Hey guys. I recently ordered a 6x12 trailer and was wondering about the flooring on it. Some one told me to put in epoxy flooring in on the floor. I would like to do this so the fuel and gass doesnt soak into the wood. Will epoxy work good on wood industrial flooring Raleigh? Any disadvantages with using epoxy? Also, how thick of a layer will it leave? I want to change the walls on the trailer becuase i think it comes with the cheap luan wood. (Very thin) Any ideas??
  9. Wondering if anyone has done an Epoxy floor in their shop? How has it held up? Would you recommend doing it? Any tips or suggestions welcome. garage flooring Atlanta
  10. I am building a 2500 sq ft building that will be used as a office for a trucking company, what would everybody recommend for a flooring choice? I have thought about VCT tile, Terrazzo tile, Stained concrete, ceramic tile, and Vinyl sheet commercial flooring toronto. I am in need of something that looks fancy but is not to pricey and will be easy to install and care for.
  11. Has anyone acid stained their concrete garage instead of epoxy?I used the search feature and wasnt able to find much. (sorry if its been discussed)Anyway, I really like the look of stained concrete like you would see in restaurants, stores, bars, etc.Would it be something worth doing or would it stain from oil and such?I'd prefer it look wise over the epoxy but want something that would last.I have racedeck ready to install but just thought of this idea.The racedeck I have is from a business of mine and Its now sitting at home.Ive got some of it listed for sale in the for sale section concrete staining washington dc.So, what im looking for is pros and cons to staining concrete.
  12. Since Jeep folks are generally the DIY types I figure someone here has done garage floor coatings before. When I was in the military we called it PRC, but I think its just called epoxy coating in the hardware stores. Basically its that multi step stuff that you throw some base layer down, then paint it and add some paint flakes if you want to give it a speckle look, then finish it off with a thick layer of epoxy. Has anyone done one (or several) of these and how hard are they to do? I have a 2 car garage but its kind of narrow (late 70s construction) and I really want to do this to mine. I am familiar with doing things myself and can typically handle just about anything but this seems like it may be easy to mess up. Thoughts? Hire a pro? Or is it really as simple as just "painting" your garage floor with multiple layers? I want to do something like the photo below except I plan on putting a big Jeep vinyl sticker or paint a Jeep logo in the center prior to putting down the epoxy top coat....maybe do some Rubicon logo or Rubicon font inspired lettering type of thing. Lastly, what about maintenance? I dont plan on waxing my garage often (or ever....)....is it going to look like **** if its not maintained every couple of months?
  13. Does anyone have a very dark epoxy coating on their garage floor like number 1 or 2? I'm looking to possibly get number 2 but the installer claims it might be similar to maintaining a black car (shows all dirt).....not sure if that's the case? Let me know if any of you have very dark colors on your garage floor and how you like it. There's some duct tape and a black trash bag to reference the color: metallic epoxy flooring minneapolis
  14. no response to this floor preparation jacksonville