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  1. if given a second chance...i would rather stay single. my WTB...i would say she is picky & impatient......there is no U-turn for now since we have bought a flat.
  2. Waiting for your complete 3D
  3. Your 3D drawing for kitchen looks modern. Ang Ang Heng Heng
  4. You are right .....Matex cost about $20 for one big tank which most contractor use. go for those $40-60 which i doing DIY.
  5. Yes ,I have decided on supreme AC5 using the tropical hardwood with lifetime warranty.. Hope everything goes smoothly... cheers
  6. I'm also having the wall tiles of kitchen smoothen and paint over with exterior paint...save cost but come with glass/stainless stell between the top and bottom kitchen cabitnet. wall need to be paint is only half size of kitchen
  7. Hi bro may i know where u buy the LCD TV...me on low budget cheers
  8. Hi sorry to hear your plight with Innerview...may i know who is your ID. Almost sign with them but back out coz out of budget thanks
  9. Hi Mr Chong, I will be getting my key next week which is few days before the beginning of 7th Lunar month. As i have to move in to the flat by early sept, i have to start renovation asap. If i " Dong Tu" before 7th month...believe i can still carry on with the renovation work through out the 7th lunar month. Appreciate for your advice. Thank you
  10. Hi Lawry you have got a good deal for AC 5...believe the price was cheap few months ago when u signed with them I'm overlaying the existing tiles...to save cost for hacking due to tight budget because i noticed there are alot of additional items to include during the process of reno. at the meantime will wait for them to get back to me with the quote....IDs should be more exp due to mark up price . keep u update cheers
  11. Bro Lawry, care to share & recommend your sales personnal to me....$1.7k is within my budget. Is it using AC3....no problem for me cheers
  12. it true....actually most of the IDs that i have visited quote me between $210-$250sqf coz most of them outsource to the carpentry at sungei kadut. recently a close frd of mine wanted to recommend his friend to me but my package alrdy come with free kitchen cabinet.
  13. U can find their ads in ST classified 7 days a week
  14. supreme thru phone...it AC5 think price offer is better during the exhibition
  15. there are carpentry workshop in sungei kadut perhaps u can approach them directly instead of going to ID End of the day, work still done by them