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QUOTE (EastGAL @ Apr 8 2010, 11:05 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Hi Ivy,

I am also looking for a good and reliable FMS to audit my place. Care to share the list of masters to avoid?

Appreciate your kind gesture.

Hi, can PM me the list of masters (Recommended and non-recommended) one as well?



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And to add, a real feng shui audit won't cost the standard 5 rm -$888.

A real audit entails:

1. understanding all occupant's bazi - standard per person reading usually already cost $100-200, depending.

2. The master to survey the surrounding area of the said apartment. This is important to understand the effect on the said apartment. - Transportation fee, walkabout for 1 hour will cost another maybe 200-300 for time and material.

3. Then combining point 1, 2 and his formula and his experience to put out an audit.

Thus if any Feng Shui audit don't include the 3 above basic steps...you are wasting time and money.

Now you know why there are actually MORE complains and lack of confidence of the Feng Shui masters out in the market today.


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For us who stays in hdb/condos, my advise is to get some feng shui books and read.

Eight House mansion and Flying stars. (Don't buy Liliian Too)

What a master can do is limited for apartments and the greater environment around your apartment has the most influence.

So you want to feel that your hdb/condo is Feng shui-ed, buy a feng shui book, DIY. Cheaper. (The results or lack of results may just be the same as the master)

I am pretty sure no one here can say that after their Hdb/condos are feng shui-ed, they felt a real positive effect. probably psychologically yes.

my 2 cents worth.


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QUOTE (bk888 @ Aug 4 2009, 02:52 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
You are impressed by the accuracy of his Bazi reading or his FS audit?

Cuz if it is FS, there has to be some tangible parameters/ results. It also

takes time for Qi to culminate.

Care to share what marvellous thing happened after your FS audit?

Me and hubby both very impressed with both his house feng shui and bazi reading.

At first we only got master Chang to do house feng shui. My god, once he stepped in he could tell by the house that we quarrelled quite often. He could even tell that I am sleeping on the left side of the bed and had irregular period. He also mentioned accurately about our financial!!

My hubby also had his bazi read. Really unbelievable was he could tell my hubby had a mishap that was life threatening at 19!! With our consent, he finally also disclosed that my hubby had many 'tao hua' before we got married, he also mentioned the years until my hubby stopped him. My hubby's face was a bit red....I think there's something he hasn't share with me.....hmmm, I'll find another day to ask master Chang.

My hubby was a bit lazy to follow through what master chang had recommended, most of the instructions were only finished by the fourth day.....and I don't know whether this is coincidence or what, one of my hubby's long time friend who hasn't met for years suddenly suggested a get together at a coffeeshop nearby one evening. Later that night, he happily told me that his friend returned him $750 dollars which he himself also have forgotten!!

So far both of us quarrelled lesser and seems that the last whole week both of us didn't get anymore flu??excl.gif Last but not least.... we tried out a majong session with some kakis over the weekend and you know what.....both of us seldom lose. It seems like our kakis cannot win us? Hmmm....now it sets me thinking .....hehehe

Hi can share Mr Chang's contact with me? I am getting my new flat and hope to engage him.



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