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Completed a Dental Clinic in Cecil Street, I’ve done the Couple doctor’s house a year ago, they invited me to renovate for their new shop, so I’m a dental clinic specialist now 😎


73223423_2832615420134865_744346737526702080_n (1).jpg











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We have completed their 3rd Outlet with no competition because our French customer already found Designer House :good:

You may want to take a look on our design and workmanship or consider getting a treatment, i've met two friends having treatment there and was strongly recommended, they have multi awarded so far. 

i was invited to view the unit in Holland Village- Holland Piazza before they've decided to rent it, we have been discussing the layout and design over and over by email, and is given only a month to complete all.

This is the result :good:






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My Client was checking out with other ID for another comparative design and pricing, i asked them to check with the ID what type of design certificate they have or ever attended any design course?

The answer from them is, they have been well trained in their company and have been there for about 6 months already, so the question is, how can a six months old designer be your ID? and he was a insurance agent before he work there :wacko:


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Owner and i were both super busy and finally get to arrange a photo shooting, this time the photo may not be perfect because we really had a hard time shifting things around, the house has baby that's why :good:

Same renovation time as the previous house because they are in the same BTO estate, i've been running from Blk A to Blk B at the point of time, but hey, it all worth awhile :lol:


Living 2.jpg

Dining 2.jpg

Dining view 2.jpg


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1 hour ago, dexufto said:

Hello Ronald.

Please PM me your contacts. Passing to my relatives whom require renovation works.


Done PM :good:


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