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Anybody House Got Do Network Or Lan Points ?

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In my personal opinion, I found that AMP is of higher quality than Draka, at least the insulator is thicker. Most electricians use Draka because of lower cost.

I am thinking of running CAT6 cable in my house rather than CAt5E, with all the hype about open net, i wanted to get it over done with once and for all.

i came across this shop in sim lim tower, they are offering Brand 3M and AMP CAT6 Cable, the price is around $170 plus minus. They even sell a set of the networking tools so we can DIY the crimping of plugs and keystone and it even have a tester to test if the cable is working.

I saw lots of this brand DRAKA around there, any idea wat is this brand DRAKA price like ? i heard it is every cheap.

Any draka user here ?


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Why not just use Gigabyte Power Line Adapter? Save the headache :D

coz of the speed that is available via network cables? the power line adapters will not be able to cope with the higher speeds available with the fiber optic network.


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Usually the network points should terminate onto a patch panel.

And the patch cable will then connect the switch to the patch panel.

It is much neater this way especially if you have lots of network points and ease of identification of network point location on the patch panel.

what's the advantage of terminating to patch panel, instead of directly to router?

is it ease of identification like you mentioned?


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