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"minor Operation" @ Bedok

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Hi howly, do you mind sharing the contact of the shop which u bought the blum like kitchen systems from?

Possible to share the cost as well?

Thanks! :)

I think it's ok to share the contact here. Lots of people have done it and it's more convenient for you as well. :yamseng:


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super organised cutlery tray. how many mini compartments or big ones and how you place them is actually up to you.


the bl*m look alike metal drawer system. it's so much more affordable than what we see in ikea and retail shops yet it's mechanism is the same.

we actually sourced for all the items (like led lights, soft-closing hinges, soft-closing slides etc) for the house ourselves and paid only labour charge and a really small part of materials' cost (like cement for the kitchen floor etc) to our contractor. there are more photos lah but we haven had the time to upload all from camera yet. haha!

in total, we done up downlights for the entire house, led lights in mbr, living & dining, re-did kitchen floor, kitchen counter top, kitchen cabinets, pillars @ main door, switches for the entire house, tall shoe cabinet with crystal handles...and if i tink of any, i'll add on. haha old liao, memory failing. =X

anyways we had a really good deal from this hardware company we found. after walking through countless shops for comparison, we had 80% of whatever we need bought from them.


could it be possible to share the info for cost saving too


Thks in advance


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hi there.

great pre-planning and sourcing, you have built my ideal kitchen with all the stainless steel racks!

hope you dont feel too swarmed by all the PM requests lol


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