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Covering Of Bomb Shelter Ventilation?

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My bomb shelter got 2 ventilation vent. 1 directly on top the door. The other on other side of the wall.

Is it ok to seal the ventilation on the other side of the wall??? My contractor seal them worr.....

I read that the ventilation must be open at least 25%. So legal or not har??

"During Peacetime

* The ventilation openings provide ventilation for day-to-day use of the Household Shelter.

* Leave at least 25% of the aggregate ventilation opening area uncovered so as to prevent anyone accidentally trapped inside the Household Shelter from suffocating. This requirement is specified in the list of “Permitted and Not Permitted Works” (Chapter 7 of the Technical Requirements for Household Shelters) and also mentioned in the door notice affixed to the inner face of the Household Shelter door."


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Steel plate (after removal) must be secured inside the shelter on one of the walls using maximum 50 mm long removable screws in non-metallic inserts

After removal of the steel plate, the bolts and nuts must be installed back to the original position in its fully closed/locked positions

Up to 75% of the clear ventilation opening areas are allowed to be covered by removable aesthetics or architectural finishes or fixtures


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so it is ok not to install back the steel plate? The ventilation I have at home is covered by carpentery work. Due to some ciricumstance, the steel plate couldnt install back.

From my understanding , you don need to install back the steel plate ,but u need to keep the steel plate inside the home shelter wall with removable screws. Insert cannot use metal one, which means u need to use those plastic wall plug.

After u remove the steel plate , u will see 4 bolts and nuts. U need to screw them back into the so called closed/locked positions.


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I had one of my bomb shelter ventilation cover changed to blend in with the wall. The contractor, Maison Mod Furnishings molded a ventilation cover out of cornice/plaster for replacement. Perfectly blended in with our interior design and retains some form of ventilation. 

For the other cover, I used a round clock to cover it. 

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