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  1. Fanco have sale on groupon. Cheaper by $10 then buying from retail shop.
  2. My view about getting new air con for BTO. I would suggest new BTO owner to install new air con with those small time air con service company. They are the one going daily to do the maintenance and fixing it. If you get the air con from them , most probably, they will also get the service contract. So it does not make sense to them to screw up air con. Because later , they are the one who "die" also . Anyway who use maintenance service from best tech or gain city. It so expensive and every time u get a difference service guy. I prefer small time company who knows my system in and out. Don ask me for contact, if give liao, my air con guy will be just busy preparing quote. No need to do work liao. I suggest ask around ppl who have air con (which I believe is quite common item now) .
  3. Looks nice. But i guess it will not be cheap. Do share if u found a contact.
  4. Hi still available ? But if u import from states the voltage should be 110V. Can fit into our power meh ?
  5. From my understanding , you don need to install back the steel plate ,but u need to keep the steel plate inside the home shelter wall with removable screws. Insert cannot use metal one, which means u need to use those plastic wall plug. After u remove the steel plate , u will see 4 bolts and nuts. U need to screw them back into the so called closed/locked positions.
  6. Hi , i have a question about the bomb shelter aka household shelter (HS). I having a 4 room flat, so there isn't room for a study. I was thinking of converting the HS to a study. There will not be any fix furniture, just a table and chair. I believe the million dollar question is , how do you get ventilation in the small space. I was thinking of installing a flexible duct with fan to one of the ventilation cover. From the HDB rules, it seem one of the ventilation can be block during peacetime. Is my idea workable ?
  7. Hi Sophia, I am similar looking to repaint my 2 storey semi-d external wall. Could you share your experience on why did you choose the ICI paint ? was it cheaper or was it recommended ? Thanks.