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Advice Needed On Quotation For Reno Of 4I Resale

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Hi everyone,

Appreciate any advice on the quotation that our contracter has given us! Ours is a 4'I' resale flat in the East, over 30 years old. But condition is still relatively good. Major works only for the kitchen and toilets but didn't expect the quotation to come up to more than $30K! We are also not engaging an ID as we are bringing over some of our present furniture and we have some ideas of our own already.

Present layout / condition:

- previous owner hacked the wall between the 2 toilets, but we want to separate the toilets again. At first, the contractor quoted $1,100 for a "tempered sand-blasted glass panel" but we found it too expensive. He then quoted $700 for a laminated panel (like those in toilet cubicles). Are his prices reasonable?

- we are installing an additional heater./shower point, plus shifting the location of the present one.

- previous owner hacked the wall between 2 of the bedrooms. We are dividing the bedrooms again, with a gypsum board partition.

- we are retaining the broken marble flooring (for the hall) and parquet flooring (in the bedrooms). Except that the areas where the built-in wardrobes were previously at is now concrete, so we have to fix up some parquet panels again.

- Is it advisable to do re-wiring of the whole house since it is over 30 years old?

Many thanks in advance!

QUOTATION (2nd one after some negotiation)

Hacking & Dismentaling Work

1) To dismantle existing kitchen cabinet including clearing of debris. $250

2) To dismantle existing kitchen sliding door. $30

3) To hack off kitchen sink support and stove. $500

4) To hack off existing kitchen wall and floor tiles. $1,300

5) To dismental existing toilet sliding door (Qty = 2). $60

6) To dismental existing W.C. & Wash basin. $60

7) To hack off existing toilet wall and floor tile. $900

Wet Work

1) Concrete base for kitchen cabinet. $300

2) Water proofing for kitchen. $600

3) Cement screed for kitchen wall. $920

4) To supply and lay new wall tiles for kitchen (tiles @3.00/sq.ft.) $3,680

5) Cement screed for kitchen floor. $390

6) To supply and lay new floor tiles for kitchen (tiles @ $3.00/sq/ft). $1,365

7) To change existing dust bin chute. $150

8) Water proofing for bathroom (2 into 1). $350

9) Cement screed for bathroom wall. $460

10) To supply and lay new wall tiles for bathroom (tiles @ $3.00/sq/ft) $1,840

11) Cement screed for bathroom floor. $150

12) Supply and lay floor tile for bathroom (tiles @ $3.00/sq/ft) $600

Electrical & Plumbing Work

1) To change existing ELCE & NCB. $350

2) Change of switches and power point cover [15@$15 each]. $225

3) Workmanship to install light fittings. [8@$12 each] $96

4) To run new 2 x 13 Amp power point [5@$70 each] $350

5) To run new SCV point. $110

6) To run new heater point [Qty=2]. $180

7) To run new water supply for kitchen sink. $150

8) To run new water supply for washing machine. $150

9) To run new water supply for new instant heater. $150

10) To run new water supply for wash basin. $150

11) Workmanship for installation of kitchen sink. $60

12) Workmanship for installation of wash basin. $60

13) Workmanship for installation of W.C. $90

Furniture Work

1) To supply and install kitchen cabinet using laminated plastic external with ABS trimming for door. $5,040

2) To supply and install solid table top for kitchen cabinet. $1,360

3) To construct custom made counter height table for washing machine and dryer with solid table top. $1,020

4) To construct and install custom made built in wardrobe for 2 bedrooms [8 x 6 ft; Qty=2@$1,450 each] $2,900

General work

1) Renovation permit. $150

2) Emulsion paint work for whole house. $1,300

3) Re-varnishing of main entrance door. $120

4) To supply and install gypsum board partition between 2 bedrooms. $450

5) To repolish existing marble floor for Living & Dining. $950

6) To install new parquet floor panel for 2 bedrooms. $250

7) To repolish existing parquet floor for 3 rooms. $750

8) To supply and install laminated panel between 2 bath rooms. $700

9) To change existing toilet door to Slide-Open door [Qty=2]. $900

10) To change toilet glass panel [Qty=4] to top hung window $320

11) To change existing cast iron drain pipe to P.V.C Pipe in bathroom. $500

12) General cleaning after completion of work (chemical wash). $200

TOTAL = $33,086.

Terms & Conditions Payment: 30% deposit, 50% on progress; balance on completion.


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U might wanna attach your floorplan.

Because your quotation didn't state the length n area, it will be difficult for follow bro and sis to comment.



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beware of newly registered member who has one or two post just to advertise own services :)


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