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Best Sealants / Caulk For Glass Shower Stalls. Anti-Mould? Hard Glossy Type?

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Hi all,

Please discuss your experiences with silicone sealants and non-silicone alternatives.

Mould and algae are common problems in wet areas, is there any product that is immune to moulds?

Has anyone ever encountered hard glossy porcelain-like caulk? What is that called?


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You need to maintain your wall tiles or tiles from caulk so that it will always remains dirt free.

In my case i use something called HCL89.

I usually get it from http://hcl89.byethost10.com or http://hcl89.atwebpages.com

What it does is that it cleans your wall tiles/glass and also helps to create a protection for it so that always remains new.

Hope this helps you out :)

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Ask for polyurethane grout or epoxy grout, there should be mould resistant silicone sealants, please let me know your finding, coz i am looking to get that installed when i get my flat keys.

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Silicone sealants are still one of the better choices for sealing wet areas because of the water-resistant properties, and its adhesion to all these common surfaces like tile and glass. Also important is the flexibility of the sealant (it can stretch and bend to accommodate the movement of the things being sealed). But like you say, it WILL develop fungus and mould on the surface after time, especially exposed to humid and wet conditions.

This happens not because the silicone material itself is growing mouldy. This is because silicones have slight porosity that allows water, micro-organisms and spores etc to attach itself to the surface of the sealant. After time, this may grow into mould. What is very important is to ensure the sealant is cleaned properly regularly. A lot of people will clean the floor and the walls, but they might miss out on the seals at the corner.

The best solution is mould-resistant or anti-fungal silicone sealants. These sealants contain fungicides, so any spores that attach itself to the sealant will die and not grow mould. However, these fungicides also have a limited life, but depending on the quality of the sealant, fungicide, and cleanliness of the area, it may last many many years without mould growth.

My father used anti-fungal silicone to seal our bathroom sink. It only started turning black after 20 years.


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