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  1. You are very right about the green wool because i used it once on my tile tile and i noticed the green wool starts to stick to my tiles and my tiles became green, learnt that the the hard way 😐
  2. You are right on this as doing such a job in this situation does require some skill
  3. Actually if the skirting itself are tiles you can polish them too using hand polishers which are widely available
  4. Thats quite interesting, also it seems that acrylic paint does not dirty too fast and has that new look for much longer
  5. Problem is moisture will always be there and moisture is an issue that is very hard to avoid
  6. Marble flooring are like that if you spill anything on marble its better to clean it up fast
  7. Never knew this, thought it was all standard
  8. Rather interesting if someone knows where to find such windows as i am interested as well
  9. Would actually depend on the size of the toilet
  10. Thats the similar thoughts i had, especially when kiwi polish itself is quite sticky
  11. If you have such a skill to build your own table do record it and post the video here as i think it will be very interesting to watch
  12. I think you are right, i do notice that about resale flats, hmmm
  13. Its a simple thing to do see the below videos Part 1& Part 2 Part 1 Below Part 2 Below