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Use White Sage To Cleanse Home

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White saga addiction?

What about bottling it into 'saga juice' and commercialise? Like what ppls do to Aloe Vera.

One bottle anywhere, anywhere 'peace' forever?

not many people can understand unless they have been through the up and downs and tried.

i guess it would be fairer if a person tried and share the good or bad of it


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hi, can you share the cost-effective ways of removing negative energy from the home? I started using white sage some weeks ago, are you referring to this?

there are a few ways... like salt at 4 corners of the home, using singing bowl and sprinkle holy water, or white sage.

personally i am using the singing bowl and white sage. problem with salt is that it needs to be cleaned. sprinkle holy water can be a problem due to moisture.

have been using white sage now for 3 years.

btw check out this website if you want to know how is your zodiac... they compiled 4 masters prediction on the same site.


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Hi, everybody

It has been a long time since I last logged into this forum.

If a house has negative energy, do not take it lightly. Engage a professional to do the job.

Imagine this...if there is that kind of things in the house, where you want to 'chase' it away? To your neighbor?

We must let them 'rest' in a proper place...instead of wondering again.


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