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Our "too Fast, Too Tiny" 4 Rm @punggol

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Hi all,

For the benefit of those new to my reno-blog, aite~

My contractor, the 'elusive' Mr K's details is listed as part of my signature :deal: ... but for those interested in my quotation, all I'm comfortable to say is my reno cost around $30,000+, EXCLUDING lights, furniture & accessories =). Partly because I believe different type of materials do affect the quote, so it really depend on what you want. Plus it won't be fair to Mr K on the price comparison if I were to break it down. Very very sorry~

The Hidden Bed cost around $5,000+, for the hidden-bed and the whole wardrobe for that particular room, all done by Leda Holding Pte Ltd... but if you are interested in the hidden queen size bed only, it will be less. You may contact them direct at 67450880, or Irene @ 94244978 for more details. No point quoting my name as I am not related to the company! :lol:

So hope it helps, and hope you understand my restrains, just remember the 'Quality-Quantity-Cost' triangle~ :huh:

And with that, I'll say goodnight for now as I lay down in my "Too Fast, Too Tiny, But Ooh Soo Cosy" Master Bedroom! :jammin:


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Wow you got the queen sized hidden bed! We were thinking of getting it too for the in laws when they come over... Hiddenbed seems to offer the best deal..

How do you think the workmanship of the cabinets are like? Love your green grassy carpet btw ;)


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Hi art00609, for your flooring, I assume you overlay it right? Like you, I didn't have the option to opt out of HDB tiles, so can roughly share how much you spent for the flooring for living/master room & also the cement in the kitchen?

Thanks. :)


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your house turns out so good! Happy weekend "staycation"!

cant wait to start on mine!!! Hee, fell in love with your divider the last time I went, trying to convince my Mr that it's worth.... Hahaha..


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last but not least definitely...since we haven't finish with decorations...

the hiddenbed area...for the guest room, we engage hiddenbed as mentioned before in my earlier post...

the outcome was FANTASTIC! really LURVE the fact that guests thought the room was actually a wardrobe area for me again...

I choose similar colour scheme to my house so that it would have a wholesome look to the house...

the wall was green and pardon the bedsheet cos it was the only one that my mum could provide for me in a short period of time...

apparently...it is also green in colour...so matching lah...told you that my mum's fav colour is GREEN...

so the view with the bed hidden within...


and with the queen-size bed out in full view...the pillows can be placed on the bed itself and they won't be smashed but they aren't there as I have not buy the pillow protector yet...so later maybe off to IKEA...heheh becoming a routine for us...


the hiddenbed team assembled the whole "wardrobe" area along with the bed in just 1 day...but they will need about a month to do the carpentary...

the side nearer to the window is the "dressing table" area with mirror attached within the area...the top shelves are all ready for more storage...apparently I am using them for my sylvanian families...since my husband didnt leave me any space in the game room...

the other side (beside the bed area) is the wardrobe...fully functionally with hanging area...and drawers...

which I ended up using for myself...hehehe

nice right...heheh so this room is officially "ready" for guests to come for their sleepover =)

hi hi, im keen on the hidden bed too. Mind to share the contact & quote with me? Many thanks!


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since my doors are painted white, inclusive of the toilet door...

so far guests have been asking me and hubby...which one is the toilet...

to facilitate them and thus, preventing them from asking us again...we put up this signage beside the toilet door...obvious right! =)


this is the so called dry area of the common toilet and


the wet area of the common toilet...we didn't place a shower screen due to the space constraints...a good thing too cos I have a reason to buy new shower curtains for that area =)


so pretty much our simple common toilet...the toilet rack is from Hoe Kee...

we love the way u squeezed so much into a small space! well done.

we did our small toilet up w a vanity top. see it here at our blog


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