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Our "too Fast, Too Tiny" 4 Rm @punggol

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last but not least definitely...since we haven't finish with decorations...

the hiddenbed area...for the guest room, we engage hiddenbed as mentioned before in my earlier post...

the outcome was FANTASTIC! really LURVE the fact that guests thought the room was actually a wardrobe area for me again...

I choose similar colour scheme to my house so that it would have a wholesome look to the house...

the wall was green and pardon the bedsheet cos it was the only one that my mum could provide for me in a short period of time...

apparently...it is also green in colour...so matching lah...told you that my mum's fav colour is GREEN...

so the view with the bed hidden within...


and with the queen-size bed out in full view...the pillows can be placed on the bed itself and they won't be smashed but they aren't there as I have not buy the pillow protector yet...so later maybe off to IKEA...heheh becoming a routine for us...


the hiddenbed team assembled the whole "wardrobe" area along with the bed in just 1 day...but they will need about a month to do the carpentary...

the side nearer to the window is the "dressing table" area with mirror attached within the area...the top shelves are all ready for more storage...apparently I am using them for my sylvanian families...since my husband didnt leave me any space in the game room...

the other side (beside the bed area) is the wardrobe...fully functionally with hanging area...and drawers...

which I ended up using for myself...hehehe

nice right...heheh so this room is officially "ready" for guests to come for their sleepover =)


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hi kelhy,

the bomb shelter is still in its original state. I am planning to paint it chalkboard black for me to doodle on ;)

Hi, do you have the photo of your bomb shelter? Where did you get the chalkboard paint? It is an interesting idea for my new house as well. Thanks


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Hello! Can you pm me the total amount u spend in your house (purely on renovation)? Did mr k only dealing with carpentry work and wiring? What about hacking of wall? I like your kitchen alot!! Especially the little red fridge which is superb outstanding!!


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your shower curtain and shower rod are from ikea right? are they easy to fix? lol.

lastly will water splash out ah when use shower curtain...


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