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Our "too Fast, Too Tiny" 4 Rm @punggol

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Can go to facebook and search under h20 interior. Dat is mr k facebook.. Pics of his previous works are there. And the quotation if u hapen to read from the beginnin is arnd $30k..

hi Sappyd,

thank you ;)


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Hi art00609,

Did you ask Mr K to build a display shelf for ur toys? im a toy collector too so looking to build one in our new place. Arranged to meet Mr K early sept already, hes a v.busy contractor ok lol...

hi jsstory,

i got Mr K to make a small one for my hubby and also since the room is indeed small...d shelves r not much as we put in a sofa bed in that room too...will upload d pictures soon...so my hubby ended up putting some of his toys in my bookshelf in d living room ;)


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hi all,

sorry for the mia for sooo long,

our reno is completed since earlier this month...now, basically left with organising & decorating 2 suit our needs which is actually the tedious & hard part

we actually miss Mr K, since I especially do not have someone 2 annoy & irritate...hehehehe

well, now will be the updates and PHOTOS!

basically, our house is simple only as we have a limited budget in the first place...in total, we spent around $30+ K for our reno.

so, let's start with the entrance door...


our door, we requested for Mr K to paint it white while the door to the cable box door, we requested for him to paint it chalkboard black so that I can doodle any messages to my husband in case I forget anything...

from the entrance, you will definitely be able to see our divider, one of the favourite items in our home,


from the front, it will be a full panel but the best part will be the "unveiling" from the side...

since my shoe rack is from top to bottom, it will definitely take me a long time to fill up as the space inside is huge!

so, time for more shoe shopping just to fill up the shoe rack...ehhehe

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then, from the entrance,

you will see my small, teeny, tiny dining area...


all my dining area is from IKEA...the table is extendable so when there are more people in the house, we just need to extend it

currently, we are leaving the dining wall bare as we have intention to do a mural/wallpaper there...

still in the midst of looking around...hehee

for our kitchen, we decided to keep it natural...we have black granite top and look at our tiny bosch fridge...cute rite?? we used glass panel as backing for this side of the kitchen...


btw, I requested a microwave oven from my husband but he ended up getting me a NATIONAL OVEN instead...sigh, lucky it is still in working condition =)

at the other side of the kitchen, we didnt do a full kitchen top as I just don't like it...btw, I requested to cement screed the kitchen wall

because I do not like the current tiles...but I LURVE the outcome...


the racks and railings at the side are all from IKEA...now just left to buy my espresso machine =)

the only cabinet at this side is only at my sink area...oh yah, my kitchen cabinets are all fitted with BLUM mechanism...sooo quiet...

even when I "slammed" the cabinet doors...


for my service yard, I do not like things to be messy...so I bought a study table from franc franc to organise my service yard...I was afraid that the height might be too low, but after putting the table in, the height was just nice =)


below the table, the stool from ikea but it doubles up as a storage too...the ikea argot system for my laundry later one...

apparently, the nicest view in my house is from the service yard, thus the stool so that my mum can have her tea while looking at the view...

decorations for my laundry toom is still in the planning stage as I can't stand the wall being bare...

Edited by art00609

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coming out from my kitchen,

you will be greeted by this view,


see, how tiny my living room and dining room combined together...small right??

my bookshelf has become a place for my DVDs, my ARCHIE comic books & not forgetting my husband toys...


still in the midst of rearranging to make it more presentable... and I still have some stuffs to be placed there too...

upclose of my bookshelf...


and I placed a stool inbetween the divider and the bookshelf for my own cosy corner...initially wanted a bean bag but since I have bought this stool (supposed to be part of my living room sofa), might as well just use it



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my sofa from franc franc...really small but just nice for my place...we can rearrange the sofa to different styles as it is made up of 2 individual sofas...


my husband finally managed to "fulfill" his dream of having his batman tumbler as part of our living room arrangement...

he managed to fit his tumbler into the coffee table that we bought from ikea...only downfall, he needs to dust his tumbler regularly...


my brickwall with my tv console...the tv is abit low but so far, we are used to it already =)

need to find painting / picture to cover the socket area...


and now, before we proceed to the rooms...a view from the window area...



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remember the "walkway to heaven...here is the look now with all the doors painted white except...


the storeroom door which was painted chalkboard black...for more doodlings of mine..


the view of the living room from the walkway...


the game/study room is a but messy so I just took the view from the outside... with the bright RED sofabed

for guests to sleep on...really love my avengers blanket that I got from Esty for the sofa...


how the room looks like from the door entrance...


the one facing the glass panel is my study area...small but just enough for me while the rest of the room is my husband's game area...


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since my doors are painted white, inclusive of the toilet door...

so far guests have been asking me and hubby...which one is the toilet...

to facilitate them and thus, preventing them from asking us again...we put up this signage beside the toilet door...obvious right! =)


this is the so called dry area of the common toilet and


the wet area of the common toilet...we didn't place a shower screen due to the space constraints...a good thing too cos I have a reason to buy new shower curtains for that area =)


so pretty much our simple common toilet...the toilet rack is from Hoe Kee...


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for our master bedroom,

not much done also...just the wardrobe...the "walkway w heaven" extends all the way to the master bedroom...

so now, shall present the inside of the wardrobe...the view if we do not "close" the door...


the other side...just nice for the 2 of us...though I think the wardrobe is only enough for me...


my bed area...was surprised that even after we put in our queen side matress & storage bed set from sealy, there is still about 60+cm of space left...

didnt expect that as I thought the space would be filled up =)

time to shop for a small side table...hehehe


for my master toilet...similar to my common toilet except there is a shower screen and bigger mirror...

upon entering the toilet...


and the shower screen area...



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last but not least definitely...since we haven't finish with decorations...

the hiddenbed area...for the guest room, we engage hiddenbed as mentioned before in my earlier post...

the outcome was FANTASTIC! really LURVE the fact that guests thought the room was actually a wardrobe area for me again...

I choose similar colour scheme to my house so that it would have a wholesome look to the house...

the wall was green and pardon the bedsheet cos it was the only one that my mum could provide for me in a short period of time...

apparently...it is also green in colour...so matching lah...told you that my mum's fav colour is GREEN...

so the view with the bed hidden within...


and with the queen-size bed out in full view...the pillows can be placed on the bed itself and they won't be smashed but they aren't there as I have not buy the pillow protector yet...so later maybe off to IKEA...heheh becoming a routine for us...


the hiddenbed team assembled the whole "wardrobe" area along with the bed in just 1 day...but they will need about a month to do the carpentary...

the side nearer to the window is the "dressing table" area with mirror attached within the area...the top shelves are all ready for more storage...apparently I am using them for my sylvanian families...since my husband didnt leave me any space in the game room...

the other side (beside the bed area) is the wardrobe...fully functionally with hanging area...and drawers...

which I ended up using for myself...hehehe

nice right...heheh so this room is officially "ready" for guests to come for their sleepover =)

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art00609: Nice hidden bed.. Can share with me where u bought it??

Also, i would like to find mr K too.. but my house only able take key by feb or mar nx year.. Now find Mr K isit too early?? :)


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so that's all folks for my simple reno with basic colours...

since I am officially moving in end of the year...this house is more like a "weekend chalet" for the two of us ;)

really would like to thank Kevin from H2O Interior Renovation for all his help, advice, nags and many more...

a BIG pleasure to work with him and if I ever move house again...I will definitely engage him again...

for a first timer like me & hubby, not knowing anything about renovations and hearing lots of negative things relating to reno...

our reno was indeed a breeze...fast...really fast...and best of all, cater to both of our taste which actually clashed...

That's y i can double confirm that

FOR SURE, I will engage him again! Love to irritate him most =)

and also to Hiddenbed company for making our "dream" guest room come true!

never thought we would have such bed in our house and that room is like the focal point of our house...the talk of the town whenever guests come over...

they all thought it would be heavy but when they see me doing it...they are convinced that it is NOT...

if tiny me can do it...they definitely can...heheh

my husband & me are definitely getting hiddenbed if we ever move again...heheh double confirm again!

so, now we are left with familirising ourselves with the switches in the house and also decorations as not much of decorations is done yet to the house...

time to go online and shop for decoration...

enjoy the pictures everyone =)

Edited by art00609

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