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  1. White concept is similar to ours! See our reno blog here
  2. WOw.....! Wished I had an ID like yours. My ID was the sort that dragged and submitted no drawings. I had to supervise everything myself.... on the hindside, we learned a lot and did a reno blog to share our experience
  3. We almost chose this Crestar fan too. I loved the design! Check out our ceiling fan comparison
  4. Love how you did the toilets! We converted our toilets in the opposite direction... We removed the glass shower screen to increase the toilet space. See our toilet blog here
  5. hi we chose glass splashback a balance between maintenance and asethic. stainless steel will be more durable in terms of impact, but we did not want our kitchen to look like an industrial kitchen. Glass has a nice touch of elegance, easier to clean than ss, but is weak against impact. see how it looks like here.
  6. hi all we bought our stuff from heritage at geylang. served by irene, knowledgeable n decent price. see what we bought n the prices here see our reno blog here.
  7. hi sufian, i agree with you on that. kdk has moved along to the natural breeze technology. see our humble renovation blog if you're interested, http://hdbrenovation2009.blogspot.sg/2013/05/ceiling-fan-comparison-chart.html
  8. haha tempered glass has been heat treated to increase uts breaking strength in addition, in case of breakage, he glass will shattter into small and less harmful pieces, see our reno blog
  9. hi retchlow, from my limited understanding, most new models has an anti-wobbling mechanism achieved by an base frame that allows the fan to hang vertically no matter what the ceiling flatness. see the ceiling fan installation sequence here the other possibility that causes wobbling is if the ceiling fan is hanging far away from the base plate.
  10. hi mae29, very nicely done reno. like the 2 pin friendly sockets wished i tot of them during my reno see our hdb reno blog
  11. hi all, i have been a contractor... most IDs will always propose cove and downlights cos they can then get you to pay for 1. the false ceiling works 2. multiple lighting points for down lights and cove lights (which typically cost $40 per point excluding the lights) Plus they will markup over the above. with regards to operating cost, more light points x wattage per point x $ per watt hr = monthly electrical bills. For lighting, use simple single ceiling point to save on reno cost and choose energy saving type ( LED or at least CFT) This was how we did our reno lighting For climate control, use air con combined with a ceiling fan to achieve a good cost to performance ratio. See how much you can utility bill save