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How Many Time Have You Moved House?

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The title sound like running away from something..LOL

Anyway just have a thought of it and I've actually moved 8 times from the day I was born till now....

1) Pasir Ris old kampong style when was born :sport-smiley-018:

2) Moved to Teochew street , very old shop house, about 4 years old then :lol:

3) Move to Hoy Fatt Road during primary school days, Blk 49. The longest block I ever see, maybe got 150m. 1 room flat with grand parents, parents and sibling. :(

4) Moved to Lengkok Bahru Blk 55, 2 room flat cause 1 more sibling on the way. High floor, Nice view, unblock till............... :angry:

5) Move to Jurong West, finally parent afford to own a 4 NG, too bad got enlisted and seldom stay home.. :yeah:

6) Got married, my very first house 5 room in Pasir Ris, house was dam affordable during the 80's :good:

7) Moved to Bukit Merah Central, Point block nice surrounding, cost a bomb.... :jawdrop:

8) Moved to Jurong West (present) EM...hope to stay for long.. :jammin:

moving house and getting it done the way you want it is fun and exciting, hope to hear other members experience. Cheers :seeya:


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wow mark, you sure moved many times!

For me I moved from Jurong East to Jurong West with parents.

Married and moved to JW. Now move to the NE!

Moving house is fun if I dont have to pack.


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Mark, i guess u've joined 5 series club. Ever wondering staying ground floor with soil around and walk with bearfoots and stay naked?

Got such place in Singapore or not? 


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