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  1. mission impossible....to....mission accomplished. congratulations
  2. great to hear you are happy with the reno, please do upload more pictures.
  3. wow..your break ground ceremony really serious and well plan, contractor very ki lat ..... bet all will go smooth and well. Do keep us update. Cheers
  4. Finally, congratulations once again..
  5. Hi Bearry, usually wall can be hack, maybe there a bean overhead that why it was in bold. I might be wrong, it best best to check with ID or HDB to be sure. Cheers
  6. congratz once again, is your unit on the ground floor? very interested to see where and know how the roller shutter work.
  7. Congratz, getting the 1st home is certainly most exciting. Just a suggestion, you can covert the store into a wardrobe for MBR and BR2. Shift the MBR door near to the wardrobe, shift BR3 next to BR2. Have a open kitchen concept. I think this way you have privacy between the bed room and the hall. The store room can be built at the present MBR door position. Good luck and all the best to you. Cheers
  8. Hi Guru, just asking if anyone have changed their EM staircase to Spiral type before, like the one show here. Cheers.
  9. Hi Jnohclee, congratz and welcome. Good luck on your reno. Cheers.