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Hi Leon, your white doors and wall are exactly what we want! But we are finding it difficult to match the whites? What brand of white paint did you use for the wall, door, and floor corner parquet trimming? Which whites did you use? Best if you can tell us product codes? Thank!!

Hello eveready! (Strange, I just bought eveready batteries for my doorbell 30 min ago. Oh well. Hahaha..) As for choice of white paint, we specifically told #CalvinTan that we wanted a 'whitish' white.. Not bluish white and definitely not warm white... I ever read someone else's blog where they mentioned that the contractor recommended a warmer white for their also-scandinavian-themed interior, and that fellow renotalker went ahead with it only to say that she regretted later towards the end of the reno... :dunno: In my humble opinion, 'whitish' white is easier to match the colour palette too... ;) #CalvinTan definitely used the same white paint for the wall, door & wall skirtings but let me check what is the exact brand/ name/ product code for you later before letting ya know! :D Glad to help!

I Love white doors too!!! Kind of having minor regret my bedrooms door brown!!

For your bathroom, could I ask why you didn't opt for bi-fold? My 3rd bathroom is somewhat like yours so I wanted a door but ID said not practical and strongly suggested bi-fold to avoid being cramped. So the door thingy is still in a limbo

Er...looking at the door photo for the bathroom...I think I agree with your ID that bi-fold will be less cramped.

Based on photo, whoever is in the bathroom better lock door, even if just washing hands. In case someone doesn't know the bathroom is occupied and swings door open with too much force on the outside. The person standing at the vanity likely to get hit by the door.

LeonJenna's is in master room, so probably less problem for them since most likely they are the only ones using the master bathroom and they would know if the other person is in the bathroom?

Hello koori & kissgurami! (kissgurami don't regret liao move on and enjoy all the other aspects of your reno!! stay positive!! :D)

KOORI! You must have spent so much time analysing my bathroom photo! :D Wahahaha really salute you for being so spot-on. :good: You are right that the bathroom door is huge-donkey big. Like really BIG. Haha.. That reminds me of a remark that the #PoshHome tiler was telling me the other day.. He said that although the toilet was supposed to be built-to-be 'wheel-chair-friendly' (with ramp at toilet door), the toilet door is so bulky that you don't even really have space to do a 3-point turn in there.. Wahahaha.. Of course I know wheelchairs don't need to do '3-point-turns' but he was just trying to bring the point across ya? ;)

Honestly, if work hadn't been put in to paint our current bathroom doors white, it would've been extremely extremely possible that we would've changed the bathroom doors to some kind of bi-fold door... Possibly white with some kind of louver patterns!! :wub: But CFO & I haven't even found out how much is it yet.. *shrug* :dunno: Also take note if you change the bathroom door into a bi-fold type, you can't mount hooks onto the back of the bi-fold door... :)

But highly recommend changing the bathroom doors for space concerns! (if you have budget la hehe.) :D


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Hahahahaha... :D

#GRAFUNKT LIGHT GREY FABRIC SOFA ARRIVES! – YEAH!!!:wub: OUR COMFY #GRAFUNKT SOFA HAS ARRIVED!!! Woohoo! I tell you right, the other day CFO & I were so shagged from settling all the TaoBao purchases and we just sat down on the sofa for a short rest, right under our Elmark Aeronamics fan... Blowing blowing.. And before we both knew it, we were sleeping soundly liao! :P WAHAHAHA... Too comfortable already... :) Anyway the #Grafunkt delivery fellas had mixed up the order and delivered the walnut-coloured legs, which they promptly changed the next day.. :good:

The sofa delivery came a bit exposed & was not wrapped in plastic, so CFO & I jumped up and came to the rescue! Hahaha..


Look at the nice oak pencil legs contrast against the vinyl floor!! So happy with it.. :) Oh yeah, the sofa looked like it got into a fight with Spiderman & Spiderwoman right. WAHAHAHAHA. *laugh until collapse on the floor*

FURNITURE ARRANGING SIMULATION! (FOR FUN!) – During the time period after most of our furniture have arrived, and before the spidey-interventions for our fabric sofa & before the walnut pencil legs were corrected... CFO & I got a bit cheeky & carried away. HEHE. :P We started to arrange our furniture around to get a better idea of the space & colour-combination we had in the living room! :) Took pictures from different angles for memories/ reference and here they are! :D


Sorry my solid wood oak table is so messy. Hahaha..



And moving on to the last update for tonight.... *cue drum roll* :P

DINING AREA CEILING BEAMS HAVE BEEN PAINTED WHITE!! – ALRIGHTEY THEN!! :D Finished plastering & painting for my beloved ceiling beams!!! WOOHOO!! :wub: :wub: :wub: #CalvinTan was telling us the other day, that if we had chosen to proceed with the veneer wrap for the ceiling beams, it would've looked even nicer... But then he said it would cost another SGD2,000 more. ERM. I think forget it la. Hahahaha... And here are my pearly babies!!


That's all for tonight!! See ya'll again and enjoy your weekends fellas!!

Wheeeeeee... :sport-smiley-004:

Can check with you and regarding the white tracklight how much you bought it and place?



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ARGHHHH SO BUSY... Packing your clothes/ files/ documents/ books/ mail for shifting over to your new place is really NO JOKE. (anyway it is quite a saddening experience also, feels like I'm leaving my parents behind lidat... :( but of course I wouldn't.. Just one of those emotionally-charged rite of passage in life I suppose..)

Sorry for the tardy updates fellas.. I really am.. :( Been so overwhelmed with the nitty gritty things.. Like IKEA trips, sourcing of light bulbs, got stomach flu & did my best impressions of the Merlion over the weekend.. yada yada.. Won't bore you with more boring details. So now what?

So let's go.

#MINIFORMS SLOPE DINING LIGHTS UP! - First official splash of colour in the living/ dining area!! I love it. I really really love this effect.. :wub: Exactly what I imagined it to be... Together with my white ceiling beams... Omggggg.. :wub:


Oooh do you see what I see at the back ground of the picture...? :P Which brings us to the next update...

KITCHEN GLASS DOOR WOODEN VENEER-WRAP HANDLE INSTALLLED! - I love my one-of-a-kind door handle on my glass door!! :wub: The more I look at it the happier I feel... I think it really lends a boost to my living/ dining area scandinavian theme.. While also taking the 'modern-feel' out of a glass door... :good:


From this photo angle, you can see the groove where I will slot my fingers in when opening the door. :)

MASTER WARDROBE LED STRIP LIGHTING IS UP! - Turned out better than I expected!! :good: Didn't expect the illumination to be sufficient to light up the interior of the wardrobe to this extent~!! Yeah! :jammin: #CalvinTan recommended that we go for the #Hafele motion sensor, so the LED strip lighting only turns on when we open the door... It automatically closes when the door is closed.. Satisfied and I recommend others do the same too!


Trying to open as many wardrobe doors to show my LED strip lighting


Close up of LED strip lighting

EXHAUST FANS FOR BATHROOMS ARE UP! - Nothing much about this other than the progress... Got 2x 8"-wide KDK exhaust fans & linked each one of them to the electrical switch for my main bathroom lights (as advised by #CalvinTan).. The result is that the exhaust fan will turn on once I turn on the bathroom light! (already checked on wattage of the exhaust fan, it's very low so no worries about wasting electricity or the bill sky-rocketing up) Also, used translucent acrylic as the backing for privacy.. :)


Picture of installed exhaust fan in Common Bathroom

And that's all for now! Will need to blitz through even more updates after this, so stay tuned for more folks!! Until then...

SEE YA LATER ALLIGATOR. (I actually can't believe that that phrase just popped into my mind... :idea: Like, whyyy.)

Edited by leonjennawong

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Quick blitzzzzzz in a desperate bid to catch up on my blogging!! But first I want to ask... Did anyone win 4D based on the 'lucky' numbers that I gave last night? Wahahahaha... :lol:

Aiya so hungry now, waiting at the Starbucks near Jurong East MRT Station for CFO to finish work... CFO where are youuuuuu.... Hmm what's a guy like me to do.. Have to try to catch up on my blogging on the limited laptop battery juice I have left & hope this laptop doesn't die on me.... Hehehe... :)

So without further ado, I bring to you...

TRACK LIGHTS @ FRONT OF LIVING/DINING AREA - 2 sets of track lights have been installed in my living/ dining area!! Really brightens up the entire room by illuminating the walls! :good: Can't wait to buy those huge framed pictures and to direct the track light beams onto them for extra effect.... :) Currently my dining area still looks a little dark, but I'm hoping that my 3x #Miniforms slope lights can sufficiently illuminate that area! :)
My gorgeous loose furniture TV console has been delivered!! WOOHOO!!
TRACK LIGHTS @ BACK OF LIVING AREA - So bright & pretty! :P *hwing hwing!!* :yeah: (Oh yeah I actually put up track lights for my corridor passageway also, but forgot to take photos... Another day then! :))
As you can see, CFO & I have found that the vertical beam shelves are quite useful to put our bags, water bottles & other accessories during our periodic visits... Wahahaha... :P
And that's all for track lights... Moving on to.....
The #Kompactop supplier finally came in to install the long-awaited table top surface! YEAH! :lol:
KOMPACTOP @ KITCHEN (THE SIDE WITH HOB & HOOD) - Apologies the photo is a little blur.. (Dunno why when I take picture in the day time always quite blur one lei. *shrug*) The surface is hard & ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! :wub: The workmanship is also good, with sealant being applied at the join line between the #Kompactop & the adjoining wall... No complains thank goodness...
KOMPACTOP @ KITCHEN (THE OTHER SIDE) - Did I mention that the LED light strips & the #Eubiq track (600mm model) have also been installed? :) :) :) So happy to see the kitchen coming together now! :D Fast & furious progress here! :good:
KOMPACTOP @ MASTER BATHROOM VANITY CABINET - My subtle fear has been addressed... #Kompactop is a very ideal surface for use in the bathroom's vanity cabinet... From my splashings around, :bath:it's definitely water-proof & can take a level of beating in a bathroom environment... The #Kompactop surface & my Kohler sink look has been accentuated with a 5W LED light (with movable head; bought from TaoBao! :P) installed above the sink (in the box-up)... Lovin' the look & feel of my master bathroom! :wub:
And I suppose that is all I have for now, laptop really REALLY running out of juice liao.

Hi there. I LOVE your kitchen floor tiles!! Went Hafary but its out of stock. :(

But anyway, can i check on how do you actually decide on the watts for your track lights? is 7W sufficient? how many will be good enough?

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Hi there. I LOVE your kitchen floor tiles!! Went Hafary but its out of stock. :(

But anyway, can i check on how do you actually decide on the watts for your track lights? is 7W sufficient? how many will be good enough?

Hey adrianh4rt! THANKS SO MUCH for your kind comments!! I showed CFO your comment and she became so happy with herself!!!Wahaha.. :D I'm sorry it's out of stock now.. Hope they will restock them!

Hmm.. For the track light wattage, it really depends on your house theme... I know of industrial themes where the home owner doesn't have any ceiling lights at all, and only use track lights for illumination! If that's what you might want, then you might need to go for a higher wattage for sufficient illumination. But of course it also depends on the level of 'brightness' that you want for your house.. :) CFO & I prefer a bright-white scandinavian theme, brightly lit by ceiling downlights (#CalvinTan recommended 10W).. So for us, the track lights just provide some accent lighting on the walls to accentuate photos/ pictures etc.... With that in mind, the track light wattage should probably be below the ceiling downlight wattage..

That's just my own way of determining the track light wattage & I'm sure there are different people who do it differently!! Hope I helped!!!:)

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ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!!! So many different types of updates for this post that I can't think of an appropriate title for it!! =x All I know is that I have to update my blog... and FAST!! :jawdrop: Oh well, I think I will just make up titles for my sub sections as I go along... Heh heh.. ;)

KITCHEN PIPES PAINTED & WALL-MOUNTED KITCHEN RODS INSTALLED - As the title suggests, my kitchen-ceiling-exposed-PVC-pipes + copper gas pipe + service yard PVC pipes have been painted over! :D

- Kitchen-ceiling-exposed-PVC pipes have been painted pale yellow to give that splash of colour to our zany kitchen! We contemplated painting it matt white to try to 'hide' the ceiling-PVC-pipe as much as possible, but figured that no amount of 'camouflage' short of boxing the whole freaking thing up is going to do anything to improve the aesthetics... So instead of hiding it, we made it even more obvious by POPPING IT!! *cue pop sound* HEHE. :)

- Copper gas pipes painted white to blend in with the wall tiles

- Service yard PVC pipes painted light green to have some consistency with the kitchen cabinets, and to extend the colour impression outwards towards the service yard... :)

Also, CFO & I bought the wall-mounted kitchen rods from #SongCho! Standard stainless steel rods with many different accessory modules you can buy to add-on and hang.. :) See the pictures below!!


The service yard light green PVC pipes are standing proudly in all their glory... hehe ;)(Oooh you might be able to see my now-painted-white copper gas pipes in the background) And did I mention that my kitchen #Eubiq tracks are up? YEAH! :)


YELLOW POP! :P From this angle, you can see the location of my wall-mounted kitchen rods that CFO & I bought from #SongCho.. :)


Close-up of our #SongCho wall-mounted kitchen rods

COMMON BATHROOM ACCESSORIES MOUNTED! - Haiyo, you don't know the amount of work that CFO & I put into when we were marking out the installation-locations of the bathroom accessories... SHEESH. We actually tried to simulate running through day-to-day activities within the bathroom (HAHA YES WE EVEN SAT ON THE TOILET BOWL WAHAHAHA) in order to determine the proper locations for our bathroom accessories based on our habits, arm-reach etc.. We then labelled (alphabets written on masking tape) each and every loose bathroom accessory & did the same for the wall location; So that the contractor can tally the loose bathroom accessory to the wall locations, using the alphabets... :) Tedious but ok la, quite fun. HA! :sport-smiley-004:


Photo taken from inside Common Bathroom (with door closed):

- Glass shelf bought from #HoeKee;

- Towel Ring + Hook Bar (mounted on door) + Hand Spray + Towel Rack (on the left-hand-side of photo, mostly hidden though) from TaoBao (see older posts for links)


Close-up of Towel Rack from TaoBao

To Be Continued...

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MASTER BATHROOM ACCESSORIES ALSO MOUNTED! - Nothing very much different in process from my Common Bathroom, so just enjoy the pictures!! :D


- Due to space constraints, the piping for the hand spray was routed THROUGH the vanity cabinet! It also hides any unsightly water pipes from most of your view.. :)

- Toilet brush also mounted on the wall near the toilet bowl

- Also hor, in response to previous posts about the cramped space at the toilet bowl... CFO & I just tried to sit on the toilet bowl again just to be sure... No problem!! (trying to buay hiao bai and say that I am very slim. WAHAHAHA.)


- Moving on from the previous photo, the toilet roll holder (from TaoBao) for my Master Bathroom is directly opposite the toilet bowl (which is why you couldn't see it in the previous photo)... CFO & I checked and concluded that it was the only logical location left to install it, and you know what? When we went to visit one of our neighbours upstairs (she's actually one of CFO's secondary school friends), it turns out they also installed the toilet roll holder in a similar location! HAHA! DECISION VINDICATED. :good:Oooh laa laa...

- Also seen here is our Master Bathroom towel rack (from TaoBao) & towel hook (from #HoeKee)


And just a simple camera pan to the right to show my towel hook bar (from TaoBao) mounted behind my immaculate bathroom door...


A look into my Master Bathroom shower area, to show the mounted corner rack (from TaoBao) being as bling as bling can be... :notti:

MAIN DOOR PAINTED WHITE! WOOHOO! - Really cannot stand the appearance anymore and I finally did it. :sport-smiley-018: Painfully torturous, agonizing, excruciating & back-breaking work. All 4 coats of it. Ladies & gentlemen, if you bump into your the painter while they are toiling away in your house, I suggest you march right out and buy a couple of ice-cold cans of Coca-Cola for them; because their job is seriously no joke.... You know what, I think I will lay off painting for a while now.... A long while that is. :bleah:


For those who are interested in the white paint brand/ model:

- Interior Wall: #Nippon EasyWash with Teflon (8101 White)

- Doors: #Nippon Bodelac (9076 Matt White)

Oh ya, #CalvinTan & #Edgar have already touched up & painted the remaining wall skirtings white too... :D



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