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  1. Got it! Thanks again. By the way, any good buys from amazon recently?
  2. Hi ong and kim, i have some questions about the black and decker handheld vacuum. The manual says 120v for the base charger. Do you use a transformer for that? What do you mean by '20v so no need to worry about voltage'? Hope you can advise. Thanks!
  3. hi, may i have the contact for the storeroom racks pls? how much is yours? thanks!
  4. hello clownprince's wife, thanks for the curtain contact. may i know how are the quality of the tracks and cloth? I'm in touch with Kevin and he's a really nice uncle! I do hope that his products are of good enough quality to last at least a couple of years. so i hope to find out from you before engaging his services. i actually have another curtain contact which my brother used. but i find the services abit aloof even though my brother claimed that the curtains are tracks are good. two years on and working fine. hope to hear from you soon!
  5. Can share the link for laundry rack from taobao? How's the quality? Thank you!
  6. Hi, may i have the contact and quotation for curtains and blinds pls? Thanks!
  7. Hi Syafia, what herf colour did you choose? I've never seen it before. Scottish walnut?
  8. I love it! Where did you get your tv console? And is your kompacplus table top colour called american walnut?
  9. Hi there can share your contact for blinds and curtains pls? And how much did it cost for your whole house? And what's the colour used for your blinds? Thank you.
  10. Hi Zees, what is the white laminate for your kitchen cabinet? Thanks!
  11. hi supermama, would you recommend your window grilles provider? is it from home aluminium metal works? thanks!
  12. Hi tikiman, any pictures to share of your completed home?
  13. Hi kenoro, about the data point conversion. Did you provide the cables and materials yourself? Does it mean that BTO home networking provided the services only? Please share how does it work. Thank you!
  14. Hihi, nice house! loving the scandi look! what's the code/colour of the kompacplus top you used for kitchen? Thank you